Fast Payment Cash Button only work with $10 and message not working

Hello I was following the tutorial form emre and JohnS on Get Fast Payment Buttons, help setting values?

For some reason I can only get the $10 button to work I have added $20 and it still displays $20. Also the Change Message is not showing. Here are my config

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For the “Change” display, modify your Rules where you have:


Change just that portion to:


If your Rules are not firing it is either because they don’t have a mapping, or the Custom Constraint is preventing it. Ensure your Rules have mappings.

All my rules have mappings. Anything else that I am missing?
Only the $10 Fast cash seems to work fine.
For the change Display message I changed it but still get the error
Message Change - $[=F(TN('{SETTING:FastPayment}')-TN('[:TotalAmount]'))]
thank you in advance.

see if this helps you, i have fast cash buttons setup with 1 rule and 1 action

  1. Create a pay ticket action as below

  2. Create an Automation Command Executed Rule as below

  3. Copy the rule for each fast cash button, add the same action to each but change the tendered value. Then change the constraint in each rule to match that of your different fast cash buttons

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Try this:

Change - $[=F(TN('{SETTING:FastPayment}')-[:TotalAmount])]

Also try changing your Rule Constraints from Contains to Equals.

The change message i use is as follows

  1. Ask Question Action

  2. Payment Processed Rule (no need to add the change message to every payment type/button, just 1 action and rule with constraints)

my “message” settings are:

<bold><size 90>\r\r\r\r  Tendered: £{TENDERED TOTAL}</size>\r\r<size 90>Change Due: £{CHANGE TOTAL}\r\r\r\r</size></bold>

Ignore the bold and size parts these are only valid on V5 so for V4 you would use

\r\r\r\r  Tendered: £{TENDERED TOTAL}Change Due: £{CHANGE TOTAL}\r\r\r\r

the \r are to add blank lines so that my ask question box fills my screen instead of just being a thin banner in the middle as shown below

paid with fast cash £10

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i also have set up an error message because i have constraints that prevent the fast cash buttons from working if the amount to pay is greater than the fast cash amount. This may just look like the button doesnt work as pressing it does nothing, so in this case, for example ticket total £30 and the fast cash £20 is pressed the button will not work and this screen will appear. Press OK to go back to POS screen to enter another tender amount

  1. Create Generic Ask Question Action as below

  2. Create rules for each fast payment button as below, change the relevant settings for 5, 10, 20, 50 etc

Question is Cannot use Fast Cash £20 as ticket total is greater than £20\r Please check and enter another tender amount

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Thank you man it works great.

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how to increase the font size and bold in V4

You cant in V4, that font size etc isnt available until V5 is released

OK, RickH thank you for your answer