Few Pre-Purchase Questions

I have a potential customer who is interested in purchasing V5 for their business.

The paid version for $100, does it include anything different than the versions listed under Download (for free)?

Their main goal is to run tabs. They do not need many items (if any) but instead need to record dollar amounts. Is there an easy way to do this? Example: Customer orders a $5 drink. They want to, instead of keeping a tally, assign $5.00 to the user. This will be the primary purpose. They would like to keep track of inventory for reporting but do not need the ability to keep track of what was sold - just how much dollars someone owes.

One thing that I found in V4 is that tabs (or tickets) need to be closed before someone logs out. Is this still the same in V5?

Does V5 work on a tablet? I see there are some articles but just for “playing it safe” I was curious how that worked. I assume, it needs to be a Windows Tablet but does it work on Android? I was thinking of having desktops with Windows 10 and touch screens but the prices are competitive to tablets.

Free download is full features but have 500 tickets limit then will have activation popup message (to annoy you lol)

Do you mean ticket has to settle before ending work period? You can close ticket/log in/logout anytime in V4.

Its the same as V4 you cannot log out/close a ticket unless the ticket has a ticket tag or entity assigned

Ahh, never used ticket without entity. Is that default behavior when using Create Ticket instead of Select Entity?

That mean @Joshua_Hopper you might using it wrong way tho. I think that flow mean for fastfood service like when you order than paid right away. You should use Select Entity (Customer) and maybe associate with customer account.

Watch this;

It is in v5 but should be doable in v4 in same way.

Alternative is to use customer entities, if they are not regulars I prefer temp tabs as they aren’t saved like customer entities are.