Find ticket on customer screen shows total but not the items ordered

Good day,

I upgraded from SambaPOS 3 to SambaPOS 4, followed the exact steps. Everything else seems to be working fine.

The most crucial problem I have is when customers come the query what they have ordered to their accounts, the find ticket displays the ticket and total but there is no items.

And this is also at random. Can’t understand what could be the problem.

Please help!!

Is this on old orders from before upgrade?
Can you recall paid orders done since upgrade?

Just some. Very random… Can it be because we have changed our products and menu?

Just double checked, nope went through a list of about 1000 tickets and the sales aren’t showing on the tickets, just the total.

If you do a new ticket is it showing?

New tickets shows. All tickets since upgrade shows. All tickets before upgrade is not showing. Is there anyway for me to view the old tickets?

Could be some tables issues in database but I can’t answer that maybe @emre or @QMcKay can help you.

Do you think I can install SambaPOS3 to access the old data, maybe clone DB and then point SambaPOS3 to that?

No I would wait for a better answer. The data is probably there its just not accessing it the same.

If you want to PM me a copy of the database I can take a look for you.

Did you upgraded to latest V3 before upgrading to V4? V3 data is really old so I can’t think a reason for that. If you didn’t do so please create a backup asap and PM me a copy also…

Hi everyone, I did upgrade to latest V3 before going to V4. Ok will send you guys the DB.

Weird V5 works fine. Can it be V4 specific? How do you exactly display old tickets?

Everything older than 2 July 2015 shows blank.

That ticket is the one you showed on your screenshot.

My SambaPOS 4 is version 4.1.82

I’ve tested with 4.1.82 and works fine too. Maybe you found an unknown issue. Can you tell us more about how do you display old tickets or anything specific we need to know about your setup?

We started out with version 3 (not sure about the version). Then we wanted to add new functionality. I updated SQL Express from 2008 to 2012 to 2014. The reason behind this was we wanted to use the Import Stock tool think it is from JohnS. Updated SambaPOS to V3.35 everything worked. Then updated to V4.1.82, I had to manually add a few rules and actions but other than the problem now everything works.

@emre Just an observation but the account balance (number at end of entity which I believe is account balance) is different in your screenshot vs hi a original screenshot!

Also date format is different!!

Just trying to help, date format is intriguing as even your two screenshots (I presume v5 and v4) are different… Are they on Sam machine?
His 15/06/19
Your v5 06/19/15
Your v4 19/06/15
Maybe a factor?

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The Import Stock tool we used was the updated one from QMcKay.

Well I’m not sure but it can be…

@juan13rautenbach can you try enabling override regional settings on local settings, restart SambaPOS and send us a screen shot of that ticket?