First use of inventory

Having a quick play with inventory following a question from a client but am struggling.
Defined an inventory item for Fosters;

Defined a recipe for Fosters Pint and Fosters Half;

Put through a purchase of a barrel of Fosters

Rang through a few Fosters.

However my inventory/warehouse just shows 1 barrel;

What am I missing…

I don’t need to setup inventory product do I? These are for ‘premade’ sets of ingredients like meatballs to be used multiple times quickly right?

You do not need an Inventory Product. You only need:

  • Inventory Item (Barell/Pint)
  • Recipe for each Product Portion (pint/half)
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Thats what I have but doesnt seem to work, have missed a trick somewhere.

Check your Department Warehouse. If it is not set properly, a product sale will not consume inventory.

Local Warehouse…

Havn’t touched the inventory side of samba on this install.

As another suggestion, change your Inventory Item definition so that you can track Pints consumed rather than a percent of a barrel. To do this:

  • set Transaction Unit to blank
  • set Transaction Multiplier to 0
  • set Transaction Cost to 0.
  • add Additional Unit - name it Barrel.
  • set Multiplier to 88 and Unit to Pint.
  • set cost to 99
  • check the box to the left of this additional unit to make it the default for purchase
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Show your Purchase Transaction, and an actual Ticket Sale.

Ok done that but still not consuming inventory?!?!

V5 should do Consumption/Cost/Profit Rate on-the-fly, but maybe since it is the first time for you, have you tried ending the Workperiod and start a new one?

Done a couple of times, still no luck :frowning:

show your end of day records…

Just shows the 1 barrel purchase :-?

Weird. Fosters isn’t an Order Tag is it? It is an actual Product, correct?

Let me check mine to see if something broke in .57beta (is that your version?)

It is a product with half and pint portion.
Its .57 but not sure if there has been a refresh or not. says 18/12/2015 17:18:00

Works for me…

Hmmm, your showing purchase transactions in the last two right?
Do I need to define consumption transaction or are they hardcoded?

Last 2 are:

Inventory Transaction Type (for Purchase)
Inventory Document Type (creates purchase button, in my case, button header is Wallet)

You do not need to define a Tx Type for Consumption. That is what the Recipes are for. They should handle your Consumption.

Latest refresh of 5.1.57 is 27/12/2015 23:19:00. Not sure if relevant but if @QMcKay is using latest refresh and working, you could give it a shot incase there is an issue in the earlier refresh (note I haven’t tested inventory myself).

This refresh within versions is confusing, should there maybe be a beta version number on the previous, so beta release of upcoming 5.1.57 would actually be, etc until public version is released at .57?
Or beta revisions versions would be skipped from the public release versions.

Or beta revisions versions would be skipped from the public release versions.

Not that it really matters but would publicly show the ‘behind the scenes’ work?