[Fixed 4.1.73] Order Tag Sorting Printing error


I am still having this issue where the order tags are perfectly sorted on the pos screen but when they are printed it comes in the order that they were entered instead of the properly sorted order that the pos screen has. Below I have included the 2 eggs order and receipt (ignore the second item, that was just to show you ordertag buttons).

I know its a little hard to read but notice how egg freetag is not by eggdoness but instead at the bottom since it was entered last. Notice on the pos screen its by eggdoness even though it was entered last.

Thank You!

It will work fine after 4.1.73. Thanks.

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Hey @emre,

This issue is back in the latest update. I think this time its only with the free tags though. So the actual order tags come out in the order they are supposed to but the free tags come out randomly only on the printed reciept, on the screen they are good.


Can you try using {SORTED ORDER TAGS} as shown in the screen shot?

Hi, I have a same doubt, but I am using de v3, there is not this option here. ({SORTED ORDER TAGS}), any sugestion??
i like v3 because I did it some modification in the code to update it for my bussines.

If you have the ability to alter the source code, you can add this functionality to V3. That is your only option for V3.

Upgrade to V4, and you will find there is no reason to need to alter source code.

V5 is coming soon too. It is time to upgrade and let go of V3.

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Sorry this is a V4+ feature but that is not a problem for you as you can modify source code :wink:

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I have not studied all code, there is much code to read yet. but I’m on it. almost no comments on it, but I love it. I’ve added some features like “add inventory transaction” outside manage module from warehouse module. I think this feature is in version 5, I would like to test it. and if possible work with you on it.

thank you very much.