Fixed Price Promotion for Specific Menu Item

I want to run this promotion.

1 XYZ Item Price - 10

But i want to run a promotion

7 XYZ Item Price - 50 per person

Option 1: I can create a menu item as 7 XYZ ITEM & Set its Price as 50, then manually for each table i write on a piece of paper every time that item is ordered upto total of 7

Option 2: I can create a rule, for every 7 XYZ Item set price at 50. But here problem is if on same table one person opts for this promotion and second person opts for regular price. then the total might get mixed.

Is there an option where i can do this

Add 7 XYZ Item at 50 as one menu item , and then every time this item is ordered for this person, i can select am order tag,

Then this item will look like this

1 7XYZ Menu Item 50

But what i know is once ticket is closed we cant add another order tag for the submitted item.

Is there a possiblity to order tag for submitted order for certain menu items only

As i am typing, i am confused myself. I hope you understand what i am asking for.


No you can not change order tags to submitted items. You would need to void the item and then redo it.

So what you’re saying is if you have multiple people per table you are taking it as one order and then splitting that order per person for payment?

If you use our Promotion logic for this then when you split an item to a new ticket it will automatically remove that promotion.

Look up the Adjust Order Prices action. Unfortunately its not documented very well so look here for an idea of how to use it.