Flavors of products

I have several flavors for each product
i want to press a button to open this product then choose one of the flavors and then decrement this flavor only from the database
how can this be done?

You would use order tags for this.

order tags which exists in product list right?

No I mean order tags. It’s in settings for ticket

Order tags or portions.
Either way ticking autoselect on menu item properties popup table will force the order selected portions/tags screen.

i have a button for a product and another one for 6 of the same one but flavors may change in each one cause each one has its own properties
i want to add the same order tag for both but i can’t do this as the min and max for the first is 1 and the other is 6
how can this be done?
and you can tell me another way to do this other than the 2 buttons

I really can’t understand that. Can you show a screenshot.

I am not sure how to understand this. You have a product, and another 6 products? What do you mean each one has its own properties? I dont understand what ‘properties’ is are they order tags? Or portions? There is no such thing as properties in Sambapos.

lol i didnt know that i am not understandable this way
i’ve a button to buy for example 1 cupcake and another to buy 6 cupcakes but with price of only 5.
my main question was how to choose the flavor of cupcake like oreo cupcake, caramel cupcake, nutella cupcake …etc and this is solved by order tags as you told me -great thanks :heart:- and this is done by adding order tags with min 1 and max 1 selected
now i want when i select the the 6 cupcakes button to use the same order tag with min 6 and max 6.
i hope now to be well understanded :smile:
and i have another question when you solve the upper one, how can i increment and decrement the order tags in sql database, i mean that when i sell one oreo cupcake the oreo cupcake is decreased in database i know it’s silly question but if you have some tutorial for database generally and especially for the order tags please give it to me ^^
Thanks for your patience :smiley:

You cant use the same tag group but have multiple min/max. Duplicate the tag group change min/max and map to the 5 for 6.

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