Flaw in Temp Tabs setup

I followed this tutorial to make an Open Tabs and To Go orders.

I have noticed something here in some testing.
If I open a temp tab for say a bar person sitting at the bar, and print a ticket/bill to hand to them, it take the number out of the button and something there are no open tabs.

How can this be fixed?


Without looking at your setup and going through JTRtech’s video. I’m guessing when you printed the ticket it changed the ticket to “Locked”.
On your “Automation Commands” button header, add " && (TS.Status=Locked)" (no quotes) behind your last “)” and before your last “}”. It should/hopefully work.

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That sounds about right.
I removed lock from my flow so wouldn’t have thought about that.
Adjusting the report expression as suggested should resolve.

@JTRTech, I used your amazing video to setup that feature on our system. I liked the listening to your thought process as you were setting it up. Thank you for providing your videos.

I double checked our setup, the status stays the same, after printing, on our setup. Instead of Temp Tab I used Rink Tab (we’re a roller skating rink).

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No Sir did not work.

Show what you put.
I’m not sure locked is right saying that… locked isn’t a state it’s a ticket option. Printing bill changes state to Bill Requested…

I tried this, it was just like the comment said and didnt work.
Open TabOpen: {REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.OpenTab=OpenTab)&&(TS.Status=Unpaid) &&(TS.Status=Locked)}

There was a space before the && so I removed that to see and same thing, nothing, no fix

Open TabOpen: {REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.OpenTab=OpenTab)&&(TS.Status=Unpaid)&&(TS.Status=Locked)}

This is what I have and it works till you print bill.

Open TabOpen: {REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.OpenTab=OpenTab)&&(TS.Status=Unpaid)}

Sorry, I thought that might work.

When an “Open Tab” is created, is it converting to a new Ticket Type? Perhaps an Open Tab Ticket? After creating an Open Tab ticket. Look at the tickets screen (Main Menu -> Tickets) to see what the ticket type is. Then print the ticket. Does it keep the same ticket type (Tickets Screen)?


Ticket Screen Unprinted.

Ticket Screen Printed.

It need to be or not and, status cannot be both…

Open TabOpen: {REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.OpenTab=OpenTab)&&((TS.Status=Unpaid)OR(TS.Status=Locked))}

Note the extra brackets.
Or can be don’t using OR or double pipe ||

Now its not keeping number count at all.

Sorry, pointed out locked issue and posted with it LOL

: {REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.OpenTab=OpenTab)&&((TS.Status=Unpaid)||(TS.Status=Bill Requested))}

Ok I am trying everything and when I print bill to hand to customer it still shows it as a no count.
Sure would be nice if it would stay at a count till paid in full. That way they know there are open tabs to keep a check on.


Status is now set to Locked. So you need to enable it for that.

Try this:

{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.OpenTab=OpenTab)&&((TS.Status=Unpaid)||(TS.Status=Bill Requested)||(TS.Status=Locked))}

BOOOM ! that finally did it.

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Sometimes all my knowledge spills out correctly hahaha

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My bad, bill requested in entity state not ticket state…