Foreign Currency Clarification or 2 different currency prices for each product

i need to clear my concept in using the foreign currency.

i have two different prices one is in dollar other is in USD. so i am defining two different department to use two different prices.

but my question my base currency is to be same dollar and i have to define foreign currency as USD. if 1 dollar = 0.71 USD then how do i define the excahnge rate?

the other thing is:
my selling price is dollar
and my purchase or selling in wholesale price is USD

is it possible to define two departments and use two different currentcy prices for each department

SambaPOS currency feature works with payments. We create tickets, maintain prices and accounting in main currency.

that i figured out that’s why was asking for some advise

anyways i was just thinking to add another portion and name it with currecncy then use two different menu

It might work but you have to heavily Customise reporting and accounting. Instead of switching menus you can also consider switching ticket types.

beside this i need to handle inventory also…

elaboration please!! keeping in mind i am setting up sys in v4

As I’ve said we have multi currency support on payment screen. I’m definitely not saying it will work. We don’t have multi currency support for inventory as well. Cost and profit calculations will probably fail. My suggestion about using ticket types also does not mean it will work. I just wanted to help you think about alternative ways to implement it. I never used ticket types to implement multi currency support. That was just a suggestion. Sorry multi currency inventory is not something requested frequently.

no need to be sorry … can expect in future hopefully

any other suggestion as i want to maintain two separate accounts for two different prices (wholesale cost and selling cost) and i dont want end user to see the wholesale cost

so defining two menu with two different prices is a flop idea