Free gift for purchases over assigned amount

Hello, First of all I would like to thank you for such an amazing software. I was trying to do the following task but i couldnt make it happen cause I am very new to sambapos system.

Task :- "I am running a restaurent and i give a free cola for every purchase over 20 dollers. "

Any ideas how to automate this task.

Thanks in advance,

Try order added to ticket rule with add order action

Set your add order action to be your free item and in the rule add a constraint of ticket total greater than 20 and it should then apply your action which is to add the free item when the ticket total reaches 20

You could even also have an ask question appear when the free item is added just so a message apoears onscreen to remind the cashier the free item has been added and to make sure the customer gets it

Create your product and inventory setup for your free item, in my example i used Coke Offer as my product

Create the below action - ADD ORDER and select the item you want to add free as the Menu Item Name and set decrease inventory to true

Create a TICKET TOTAL CHANGED rule (order added to ticket rule does not work)
Select matches all
Add the 2 constraints as shown below to ensure the rule only happens when ticket total equals 20.00
Add the action created above

Now in pos when ticket total reaches 20 it will add the product you chose in the action


Oh wow !! Thanks alot, I will try this method and get back to you with results. Thanks again !!

The only kink to be ironed out is automatically removing the free item if ticket total becomes less than the required amount. For example if you remove an item that takes ticket less than 20 the free item still remains so for now youll need to manually remove the free item also

Hello RickH, I have tried this method, It works good but I seems to have a problem here since It only triggers only if the Ticket Total state 20. If the the ticket total state 21 or something Rule would not execute it self. Any Ideas ?


That is the way the Rule Constraints are set up.

Execute Rule if Matches All

{TICKET TOTAL} Greater 19.99
{TICKET TOTAL} Less 20.01

So the Ticket Total must be exactly 20.00 to execute. If that is not what you are looking for, then modify the Rule.

Take out the ticket total less 20.01 constraint and that will solve that, however i think the reason i added that constraint is because after every item added after ticket total was 20 it continued to add the free item

Take out the constraint above and test it, if it keeps adding free items we can add something else to ensure when its been added once it doesnt add again

Yes , unfortunately removing the constraint keep adding the item when ticket total exceeds 20.

So what we could do is create a ticket state, something like OFFER:Active

So then the rule would be when ticket total exceeds 20 add the free item and update ticket state to OFFER:Active

The rule constraints would then be {TICKET TOTAL} greater than 19.99 and another constraint of {TICKET STATE:OFFER} is null

This would check if the ticket already has a ticket state of OFFER it would stop executing the actions and stop adding more free items, it would only do it the first time as the ticket hasnt had the state updated yet until it gets to 20

You could even update your ticket template to show a message such as “You have received a free coke with this order” and set it to only print when the ticket has a state of OFFER:Active

I am sorry, I have bit of a problem in Understanding. Should I add both Constructs in same rule or should i create a new rule to trigger {TICKET STATE:OFFER} is null ?

Thank you

In the same rule otherwise that rule would still work as there isnt a constraint in it telling it when to stop adding the free item

You need to create an action for the state change and add that action to the same rule with the action to add the free item

Then youll have both rule constraints added, one for the ticket total value greater than 19.99 and the second constraint that checke the ticket state

It worked great Thanks to you !!
Thank you !!

No probs glad to help :slight_smile: