Get Fast Payment Buttons, help setting values?

ha ha, thanks Emre nice one.

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Create Rule Name - Ticket Total Changed
Event Name - Ticket Total Changed

  • Update Program Setting, SettingName = TicketTotal, SettingValue = [:TicketTotal]

Update your Fast Payment Rule, and add the following Custom Constraint
{:TicketTotal} Less [:CommandValue]

That will fix it.

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Will we be able to retrieve [:ProcessedTotal], [:TenderedAmount] & [:ChangeDue] for Automation Command Executed events ?

We’ll send tendered amount to “Pay Ticket” action and handle “Payment Processed” event.

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@JohnS and @Isaac thank you very much helping me on this nice feature. That was real Fun! While you were talking about it I’ve made changes. I’ve uploaded new version.

By new version Pay Ticket action supports Tendered Amount value. Execute this action from automation commands with Tendered Amount parameter and handle Payment Processed event to update Shell Title.


John how we going to do what Emre just said?

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This is my test database

Please check how I’ve implemented Automation Commands, Pay Ticket Action and Payment Processed Rule.

Hi Emre,

Thanks for attaching your test database, I now have this working as expected and tendered amounts are now displayed. Is it possible to set the change due to 2 decimal points. so instead of displaying 4 it would look better if it displayed 4.00? see pic:

Use this for Tendered Amount


Hi John,

Unfortunately this did not work:

Tendered:|[=FF(’[:TenderedAmount]’,’#,##0.00’)]\rChange Due:| [:ChangeAmount]

I think you want to format change due instead of tendered amount.

Well Spotted Emre, I used:

<J>Tendered:|[=F('[:TenderedAmount]')]\r<J>Change Due:| [=FF('[:ChangeAmount]','#,##0.00')]

Big Thank you to JohnS as well.

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You may be right Isaac :confused:
Mine needed tendered formatting.

@Emre and @JohnS

Guys I think we missed adding some actions to the rules regarding Ticket States. Because any ticket settled as Fast Payment is currently not updating the Ticket Status:

You need to refresh the ticket after payment.

Yes I did John, once it was settled I closed the tickets and re-opened it from the ticket module. I’m just trying to figure out what actions I need to add to the rules.

Settled Tickets are also shown as OPEN tickets instead of Closed?

Add Close Ticket to Fast Payment Automation Button Rule.

I just tried refreshing the ticket, and the status will update but you can add more orders to the ticket.

@JohnS I now added the close ticket action to my fast payment rules. However for some reason although the tickets are settled and closed, they are appearing as OPEN in my ticket module?

In fact, any ticket created and settled in my Take Away Department, is all showing as OPEN. hmmmmmmm

Ticket Payment Check rule is responsible for closing paid tickets. Check if there is a department specific mapping for this rule.

This is not hardcoded and executed by rule because in some cases restaurants wants to keep tickets open even it gets fully paid since customer still sitting there.

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