Get Fast Payment Buttons, help setting values?

In my Take Away department I have added 4 Automation Command Buttons

£5 £10 £20 and £20 in the second row of my ticket screen.

How do I set the values to these buttons so when pressed it will go the payment screen and show the correct change?

You can try using this add-on

Hi Emre,

I need help setting the rule to recognise the tendered amount when these automation buttons are pressed?

OK. Sorry I misunderstood your question. Since we don’t have an action for custom payment amounts you won’t be able to implement that. But it should be easy to support that feature. I’ll check that.

You wouldn’t really need to go to the payment screen. Just have a message popup with the change amount.

Yes but the missing piece is Pay Ticket action does not support tendered amount. It just settles remaining amount so no “payment processed” rule does not return change amount. I’ll support that on next release.

Already have a solution :smile: Please stay tuned.

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Ok, here we go.
Set your automation button names like $10 Fast Payment, set Value to 10 and map to under ticket. Repeat for all denominations.

Create Action Name - Update Program Setting
Action Type - Update Program Setting
Setting Name - [:SettingName]
Setting Value - [:SettingValue]
Update Type - Update
IsLocal - True

Create Action Name - Fast Payment
Action Type - Pay Ticket
Payment Type Name - Cash

Create Action Name - Display Message
Action Type - Show Message
Message - [:Message]

Create Rule Name - Fast Payment
Event Name - Automation Command Exeucted
Custom Constraint - AutomationCommandName - Contains - Fast Payment

  • Fast Payment
  • Update Program Setting, SettingName = FastPayment, SettingValue = [:CommandValue]
  • Close Tciket

Create Rule Name - Fast Payment Ticket Closing (make sure this rule is above Ticket Payment Check)
Event Name - Before Ticket Closing
Custom Constraint - {:FastPayment} - Is Not Null

  • Display Message, Message = Change - $[=F(TN(’{:FastPayment}’)-TN(’[:TotalAmount]’))]
  • Update Program Setting, SettingName = FastPayment, SettingValue = leave blank

$20 was selected.


I can’t believe this :slight_smile: I should think one more second before saying “not possible”

The only problem was getting the Ticket Total, which is not available in the Automation Command Exeucted event. Thats why the Before Ticket Closing event is needed.

Now to get this working properly with Last Sale.

  1. Move the Update Program Setting Action to the top in the Fast Payment Rule
  2. Add Custom Constraint {:FastPayment} IsNull to Last Sale Rule
  3. Clone Last Sale Rule
  • Rename to Last Sale - Fast Payment
  • Change Custom Constraint to {:FastPayment} IsNotNull
  • Set LastSale to TTL $[:ProcessedAmount] - TN ${:FastPayment} - CHG $[=F(TN('{:FastPayment}')-TN('[:ProcessedAmount]'))]

Okay John

Wow, I did not think it was so involved. Lets see how I get along with this one…


Seems to work great, but since we have integrated this into the Subtitle, maybe there is no need to have a message box which needs clicking, especially if your message box is as ugly as mine in the bottom right corner. What do you think?

Just realised when you enter the Tickets screen to display the ticket the Tendered Amount is also incorrect… maybe we should wait for Emre’s new release which might save us some grey hairs?

Additional click is useful for operator since he acknowledges he got the change due. You should use Show Message action instead of Display Popup

ohh okay, and I was looking for action type: display message as John stated. Correction needed John in case anyone else follows these steps. :wink:

Just fixed it then :smile:

It is 3:50AM here after all :blush:

It will not save the tendered amount as we are not using the Payment Screen. And there is no easy way around this unless we just use Ticket Tags.

Thanks John brilliant instructions. You made something complicated very easy to follow. Appreciated.

However: Small Problem

i.e if the total bill is £5.95 and the operator presses the £5. It displays -0.95p but still closes the ticket although there is a balance, see:

When you enter the Tickets section and Display the Ticket it shows that the balance has been settled in full, see:

OK. I’ve implemented Tendered Amount for Pay Ticket Action to save your hairs and let John to fall into sleep. Before loosing our motivation on this I’ll release new version in a couple of minutes.