Get increase price during Discount items


I have a quick question about when i did the discount per item, the price was increase. i followed this link. DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Fixed Percent

it happened Only order tag.

please help me. thank you

So you have made a mistake and did not follow the tutorial exactly right. For us to help you we need to spot your mistake. Start by showing us your action Discount Item Fixed Percent Tagged

My guess is you entered the expression wrong and forgot the put a minus sign in the correct place.

The expression should look like this:



Thank you so much @Jesse

I did exactly on what you post, but still no luck.

Do you want to see any rules?

Show your order tags and actions

Thank you @Jesse

Adding more information about my setting. I have used the Order tag to map to the order. if i clicked the discount, it won’t work. the price keep getting increase. but if putted

the fixed price on the Produce portion price, it works. So, in this cause, what should i fix the issue.

The picture show how i put the price on the order tag and map to the order, by setting 0 price on the product portion price.

You should set your product price with portion or this won’t work. That is how your supposed to set it up by using portions to set your base price.

well, you are right. the reason why that i was setup the price on the order tag is to easy to change the price. it will just only change the price at the order tag that mapping to the order. I used the sauce to be the main order and select the mapping of choice of meat.