getTasks and General GraphQL Coaching

I’ve been struggling with GraphQL since I began working with it a couple years back… I’m particularly stuck on the getTasks query. This was supposed to be fixed in a recent update but I still can’t get it to work. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing but I’d really like to be able to wrap my head around it because I’m pretty much at a standstill until I can make heads or tails of its format and usage. I’m currently running 5.5.4.

I also posted this on another thread…

For a simple example that can be replicated easily - I added a ToDo list via this tutorial…

What would be the correct way of formatting this query if I simply wanted to get a list of Tasks that were not complete for a given time frame? Or even just a simple list of all tasks, open or not? I’ve been hammering away at this for a long time so I feel like I have to have tried everything. Having a formatted query that I know should work will help me eliminate a lot of hurtles.

Any help is appreciated. There isn’t a lot in terms of GraphQL on the forum that I can find anymore so It’s like flying in the dark.

As always, Thank you!

GraphQL is a paid service now with access given after purchase of the license. We are also rapidly developing it and adding new features because it is one of our primary internal constructs we build with for powering all of our new apps and features outside of core SambaPOS.

Hopefully we can soon enhance the developer portal we built for it but for now we do not have the resources for that.

5.5.4 is older version now we are on 5.6.2 now and will be releasing 5.6.4 soon to address a few bugs and for some new much asked for features. We are developing an official time clock that will be alpha tested soon.

The forum is not as active as it once was, perhaps since we have become bigger we don’t have as much time as we once did, however I promise I read it every day still even though I don’t post as often.

Sorry I know none of that helps you but its likely the forum may not help as quickly as it once did especially on this topic since we made the decision to close it off publicly. I will look into that specific function for you and see what was done for it.

@cpeckat can you open a support ticket for this specific issue at it will allow us to track it.

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