GIFT Automation action and rules

I created questions with rules to add products as promotions in certain days…

so far everything is great!!!

it adds the 1lt compelmentary beverage and marks it as a gift…

but… when I print the ticket… and I use the same template as the normal tickets… the complimentary beverage, that is market as a gift, is printed out with the whole price, but its not added to the amount to be payed. When I GIFT a normal item, no with this rules and actions, the ticket shows the word PROMO as it should…

Can anyone point me in the right direction please!!!



Have a look at the Rule for Gift Automation command as a hint. You need to change the Order State - GStatus to Promo.

you got me there… so I need one more action to change the ORDER STATE?


THANKS!!! now it works GREAT!!!

those little thinks that we dont find, jajajajjajajajajajajajajaja, Thanks @John


Hello @gerlandog,

Can you please post the pictures in English if possible ?

Simple automation for FREE (Gifted) Coffee…

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Sorry, my whole POS is in spanish and portuguese…