Gift Certificate Sales & Redemption (additional features)


I am grateful to the detailed tutorial on the gift certificate, which was a great addition to my advertisement.

however, there are couple of features that I would like to include to the GC system
Note: I only made this request after searching through whole SambaPOS forum

first feature; how can I define an auto discount to the GC ?
I have 10sr, 50sr and 100sr cards
the customer can buy them with 9sr, 42rs and 90sr respectively
in an other word, 10% discount for 10sr, 15% discount for 50sr and 20% discount for 100

I prefer the discount rate to be adjustable for season offerings

the purpose of this discount to make it justifiable for the customers to obtain them, otherwise why the will risk actual money for credit that can only be spent at my coffee shop

second feature is the issue and expire date

  • the customer can redeem the whole value of the card during the validity period only
    10 has 1 month, 50 has 2 months and 100 has 3 months

  • after the expire date, the discounted value will be canceled and only the paid value can be redeemed
    ex: the customer paid 90sr for 100sr GC; so he will get 10sr extra. after expiry date, the 10sr will be canceled but he still can redeemed 90sr
    if the card was created without tender any cash ( donate a GC to a charity) the whole value of the card will be zero when GC expire

  • the default issue date is (today) but it can be advanced (selected date) to allow for GC that will be presented on future event

Third feature: limit number of redemption
that means the 10sr GC can only be redeemed once for the whole value
so if customer buy anything that is less than 10sr the remaining balance cannot be used any more
for 50sr is should be limited to 2 redemption
100sr is limited to 3 redemption

for special case, only admin can use the remaining balance in the locked GC (after canceling the discount value) to purchase new GC

I gave geat deal of thought to this system to insure fairness and attraction to customers

I wish you can help me achieve the desired outcome


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I am sorry to inform you but QMcKay passed away last year and is no longer here to answer you. Perhaps someone else on the community might pick up and assist with your request. If I get time I will look at it tonight.


@Abdullah_Mutawa I’ve changed your topic to a V5 Question. V5 Tutorial category is for tutorials to help others learn how to setup features, which this is not.


Reading that quickly I cant see anything which would not be possible.
First thoughts for both activation/expiry and number of redemption is additional entity fields for the gift card entity and constraining entity selection/account payment with payment processor or something like that for both.

One point I also noticed is math seems off;

20% on 100 would be 80 no? (also 15% on 50 would be 42.50 but putting that down to rounding).

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it is so unfortunate to know that here
I am really sorry
he has contributed allot in developing this forum and he shall not be forgotten

true, I mistake the 20% of 100. it should be 80sr
however the 15% of 50 is rounded down to avoid coins

I would appreciate step by step tutorial on how to do that
as i do not want to miss the existing setup

I wish you have some time for me soon

again, pass my condolence to @QMcKay 's family and friends

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Every region and culture is different. In the USA you would never see a discount to buy a gift card. Typically most gift cards are purchased to give to a friend or family member as a gift. Maybe that person really loves your restaurant or shop. Typically gift cards can help increase your sales but they are not a method to earn profit. The discount is like giving them money to buy money to pay for item in your store… However like I said at the start every culture can be different I may not understand how things typically work where you are.

can any one please provide me with step-by-step walk-through on how to achieve that ?

in addition, Is it possible to re-print the gift certification number and barcode?
if customer lost his card but we know the amount and time of printing, we can confirm his ownership to GC account

You may be better off using a coupon. Gift Card (Certificates) may have a set time before they can expire. In the U.S., I believe it’s 5 years before a Gift Card (Certificate) can expire. You will have to check for your local region to see if there is a minimum amount of time.

A coupon should have a shorter time frame. Again check with you local laws.

If you really want to discount a Gift Card (Certificate) you can do so on the Settle screen, using the “Discount %”.


How to automate this discount, so the cashier does not have to do it every time

then how to remove the bonus amount after the expiry data

for instance, the customer will pay 8sr for card with 10sr credits.

i can make the discount for 2sr through settlement
but what will trigger the subtraction of 2sr from card balance after one month?

the expire is only for the discounted balance
the customer can utilize his paid balance any time

After re-reading your requests, I think a customer loyalty card might a better option than the gift card. Again, you might run into trouble not honoring the full value of a Gift Card (Certificate) for the minimum length of time required for your region.

With a Customer Loyalty system, you can set it up that after they spend Xrs they earn points or rs for future purchases. You will also have their information to send promotions to them to help increase business.

Here is a couple you can look at:

I didn’t go through any of these. It’s just something for you to look at to see if that would work for your situation.

My tutorial linked there is points based on puchases rather than gift card paid in advance.
I would imagine you might find logic/automation easier applying the discount at time of use rather than on purchase else you will have to set a triggered loop to check through expiery dates to deduct the discount which I picture being more complex than a discount on using before exipery.

The more I thought about it the more I agree with you, @JTRTech. It would be a complex setup.

As a customer, if I was told I could only use a Gift Card (Certificate) 1,2 or 3 times and not be able to use it again when I know I had money not used. I would probably keep my money in my pocket and not purchase one. Even if enticed with free money that will expire. I have a hectic schedule, I may not be able to visit the restaurant for a while. If I had a coupon and didn’t use it, I loose out on free money but it didn’t cost me anything. I wouldn’t have bad feelings towards the restaurant. BUT, I understand I’m from a different culture.

Thank you all for your contribution to this discussion


I will reconsider how to approach this issue

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