SambaPOS Loyalty Card Features

This video shows how SambaCard Sample works. Enable English subtitles for descriptions.

###Sample Database

You can Download Sample Database to test it.

  1. Copy SambaCard.sdf under [MyDocuments]\SambaPOS4 folder.
  2. Type SambaCard.sdf to Local Settings > Connection String
  3. Restart SambaPOS.
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Emre, HELP!!!

I’ve tried to setup the Loyalty Card Feature but it doesn’t work.
I’ve copied everything you have on the sample database to mine, but it doesn’t show the loyalty amount of the client.
I’m using DB 60-60 on SQ

I’ve tested your database and it works fine, but it doesn’t work when i copy your settings to my database.

@chinitowings01 probably something missing on your configuration but it is really hard for me to determine what is missing there. This is not the exact same implementation but we have a similar configuration tutorial here That might help.

I have gotten that far. I can create a SambaCard account, but when the client makes a purchase, it does not credit the client their 5% loyalty amount.

I see on your DB that when I search for the client it shows “SambaCard Promotion Transaction” and the 5% of their purchase, but it doesn’t show on mine when a client makes a purchase.

So something should be missing on your configuration. Can you post a screenshot of Payment Processed rule?

emre, sorry it took me so long to respond. I was reviewing the rule and found out that I was missing the “]” at the end of the function. It’s working now. Thanks for giving me the clue as to where to look further.
One more question, on the ticket screen, I see that when a SC client is selected for the order, their balance shows, I can’t figure out where I missed that on your sample database. Can you please give me a slue as to where to look so I can compare your database with mine. Many Many Many thanks!!!

Hello everyone. I have also implemented this feature but i have an issue with the customer balance showing as negative when i print on ticket how can i resolve this to be positive? Thanks

Try [=FF('{ENTITY BALANCE}','#,#0.00;#,#0.00')]

@emre, works perfectly well. Thanks

You can see examples section of this document to understand how it works. Maybe you may want to display different formats when it becomes positive (negative for customer)

@emre How to Merge or combine Customer Account and Samba Card Example: If Some one calls who is a customer CID choose the Customer account and orders comes under customer accounts , if customer spend more than $100 how to add that order to samba or samba and customers are same person so if I want make ne account as loyalty and customer how this possible?

Also when a report generates if I chose a customer all the transactions and orders can generate ?
Some stage we can track down lazy customers and send some promotions ?
or useful for something else instead of creating two accounts for one customer
May be a phone number as a primary numpad enter?

I like the way Gift certificate creat the number , unique so can use as a samba loyaly number so it might work as gift and loyalty one solution? one customer one account ?

Hi @emre,

I downloaded your SDF file and try it without any modification on SambaPOS 4.1.81 but the SambaCard Promotion Transaction doesn’t work. Any suggestion?

@gsreddy, I set up my own loyalty card system in which I merged SambaCard and Customer Account. I hope it will be useful for you. But I haven’t tried to implement Gift Certificate yet.


SambaCard.sdf dosyasını indirip \Documents\SambaPOS4 altında kopyalayıp test database’ini kullanır hale getirdim. Bir SambaCard hesabı oluşturup ilgili hesap üzerinden ödeme işlemi yaptığımda %05 indirim kısmı yansımadı. Dosyanın son hali eklemeye çalıştığımda yeni kullanıcıların ekleme yapamadığı uyarısını aldım. Rica etsem yardımcı olabilir misiniz? Video da olduğu gibi %05 indirim yansıtan örnek DB yi tekrar paylaşabilir misiniz?