Gloria food integration some issues

  1. I have integrated Gloria food working well some time after customer paid online the customer info Will be in pos system all order info was missed and payment info was missed. In 25 order I got 2 order is missing . 1 order was wrong ( previous order details). How to solve any one can help

  2. Can I put any button once the order received from Gloria food then pop up window show new order received submitted for kitchen and print bill

  3. Some customers was order for later eg. In the noon 2pm they ordered for same day 7pm delivery order after accept from Gloria food app it printed to kitchen immediately no time info on the bill and kitchen order receipt. They cook and delivery people try to delivery around 3pm they customer rejected the food. Can anyone help me

There is a bug atm if you accept back to back orders too fast it will copy the last tickets items. So for now to prevent the issue please wait a minute and let the previous order print before you accept the next order.

If you need order ahead order to print a later time you can set that in your printer template. I will have to dig up which post but I did demonstrate how on here in the past.

Please enable logging in Sambain and provide some logs to help us understand.

Today also two order was missing what to do ? in log file can not find anyting. once accept from gloriafood app customer information was add to sambapos but no order details also they paid online no payment info also can you help. not able to answer the customer (163.3 KB)

i found the issue the time was same around 10 to 15 sec difference while entering to order to pos other order also came so i think that i the issue

Yes as I said, there is a bug with that. If you get two orders back to back please wait for a minute to accept the second order.

This is a known issue. But waiting solves it for now. Dont accept them back to back quickly.

Now two orders came in Gloria food app 1 order I accepted another order I accepted 30sec later still the second order was missed only I got customer info no order info any one can help me urgently

Can you show screenshot and maybe logs?

That doesn’t really help us. Please send the logfile to and explain your issue.

i have sent email kindly check today also one order was missed

In the Gloria food is different but we do the order is different

What version of SambaIn do you have?


Any update now very much bad for two orders one order missing

Can anyone help me or any other paid solution

any update let me know if this solution can not work ill inform the customer to stop use online integration every day they keep calling me i not able to do any other work

Some promotions break it atm. Most work but can you tell us what promotions you are using?

Also turn off the Covid messages those currently are not supported and will cause missed order.

The issue is that GF adds new functions that constantly breaks our integration. We have no power over that.

It works flawlessly if you turn off the Covid options most of the time. We still struggle with some promotions.

You never answered my questions though. What version of SambaIn ? Not SambaPOS, SambaIn.

SambaIN online order integration for sambapos

@Jesse any thing can be done ?