Gloria food integration not working properly missing some order

Gloria food integration some issues when I get new order I get correctly then 2min later new order some time I get only customer information no order info. Some time the old order item same but customer info is different

It also sounds like your product names may have special characters breaking the mutation. But we wouldn’t know that because you have only shared small pieces of your setup.

No if need databse ill share i dont use any special characters , also no promo and any COVID19 Message or any update version Sambain have ?

I this forum nobody have the solution. what a great. i should stop the integration

The issue is with your setup but since you haven’t shared on the forum screenshots no one here knows what you have done wrong

Loads of people are using it and it works really well, you’ve just configured something wrong but we can’t see what it is

Please also remember that people on here are business owners like yourself that are helping each other, we are not paid employees of samba so any help you get is free and in people’s own time when they have the time to respond

If it’s urgent you can post in the ads category for paid support and pay someone to help you

You can also contact

This is a community forum not a support forum although we do provide a very high amount of support here through community members willing to share their time.

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We uploaded a new version of GloriaFood integration.
Please update from