Gloria Food Tickets Duplicating Items for Promos

Hi there i have set up my SambaPOS and Gloria Food Integration. All the tickets are recording fine but just one issue that i am unable to solve: For all the Promos i have in my Gloria food the items are duplicating in the tickets. the regular menu shows fine but just the promos are duplicating items!!! Please guide me through if anyone knows how to solve the issue. Here is my screenshot for reference. Appreciate the solution. Thanks

here is my website for reference

can you please update your GloriaFood integration from here:


HI there, thanks for your attention : I have updated as per your file and it stopped duplicating but the price is huge… for example i have a Try Triple Deal for 38.99… it is adding a promo price and then individual item price too and i dont see the tags now! :frowning:

it is also showing 1 deal as item and then the sub items separately. here is my original order…Original%20Order

Ok can you send me log file in the SambaIN folder?

what is your email? i cannot upload here. getting error.

i send a private message to you. Please check it.

@Farrukh_Shah I use Gloriafood with promotions at my restaurant. There was a recent version release that might have solved your issues. Can you download and also download the beta version of SambaPOS let us know if you still have any issues.

I will pm you a link to beta version.

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Hi Jesse, Thanks for the files. I reinstalled SambaPOS & Online Integration from the files you sent but it did not work. I am in touch with SambaPOS and they are trying their best to solve the issue but only thing remaining is the price from the extras and GST. it is not adding to the order. see attached example

. let me know if you can fix this… or if you need anything from my side.

thanks a lot for the messages and files.

Yes we saw this. If you dont sell a promo item additonal ordertags prices not added to main price. Today i will send a new version


GST you need to set in Sambapos.

i have added gst in SambaPOS… but it should come as is from Gloria food. if not still okay but extras are important.

Any Update Dear? waiting anxiously…

Yes you can download it from
(please use latest beta of SambaPOS)

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Did you just now upload a new version of beta SambaPOS?

I have a development account with gloriafood now and I paid for the Promotions so I can test any promotion we may need from my dev machine now.

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No i uploaded SambaIN. But I wanted to warn about SambaPOS

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Ok I am about to do some tests with Gloriafood and new sambain.


Thanks for testing Jesse

@VehbiEmiroglu thanks for the update. it did work well with the promos but this time it messed the regular menu items… see attached test orders…!


Hopefully it should be a quick fix for you!!!

Much appreciated your time and effort…!

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sorry i attached the wrong gloria food screenshot… you can neglect the items… items are coming up fine in SambaPOS but the price is straight 4$… i am doing some more testing will share the other screenshots as well. thanks