GloriaFood integration with Sambaln

Anyone can share some tips and hints for setting up SambaPOS GloriaFood integration with the official Sambaln?

We bought the SambaPOS V5 and gloriafood integration licenses last week. After lots of tests in two server computers, we can not now fetch the menu via Sambaln and never see any orders in the Sambaln ticket log.

We might still need to further complete the actions and rules in SambaPOS but we have never seen a gloriafood order to test that yet.

Sampos Server: Windows 10 1903, (& Windows 1909 tested), Sambapos 5.2.26
Broadband router and windows firewall all disabled
SQL Express 2016, message server tested ok in multiple local terminals
Sambaln: last version tested not working, downloaded from

As I did not see a gloriafood order in Sambaln ticket log yet, i doubt there might be problem or configurations missing in gloriafood, sambaln or windows operation systems…

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It works we use it daily. You must have configured it wrong. It will be hard for us to know without screenshots.

Start by showing us what you have setup so far. Maybe we can help you spot the issue. You did get your integration key from gloriafood right?

First of all if you cant fetch menu please control your API Key for GloriaFood. If still have problems please send us an email:


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  1. All screen shots above taken from the testing computer setting as of now.
  2. SambaPOS V5 updated to [5.3.0] and SQL to 2019 this afternoon
  3. Succeeded to fetch menu but the SambaiIn will stop once I click Fetch Menu or Save Setting now
  4. SambaPOS is built from clean, default database, with the Configuration of Advanced Delivery. No other actions or rules yet
  5. All default product /menu deleted. The current products /menu are created by the once partial successful Fetch Menu

OK still you havent any order ?

Unfortunately not.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I am with the computer now. Any more screen shots are possible.

It looks like it’s not detecting a license for the integration. I could be wrong.

Do your menu items contain special characters?

The Gloria Food menu on our website is only plain English.
The Fetch Menu gets all the simple product and price correct. All products with Size and Add-ons are not fetched.

The SambaPOS database is empty without any order tags yet.


The GloriaFood Integration license is always Not Activated in
Is that the point??

Do you have only one account in GloriaFood?

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I understood that you can do fetch menu successfully. But you cant see any orders in system.
Can you please send logs.txt in SambaIN folder to me via DM ?

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The gf API should be set to Accepted for Order Status. You don’t have a status set for it

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05/04/2020 21:53:18 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:22 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:26 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:29 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:33 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:37 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:40 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:44 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:48 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:51 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:55 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:53:59 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:03 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:06 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:10 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:14 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:17 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:21 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:25 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:28 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:32 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:36 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:39 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:43 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:47 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:50 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:54:54 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:58:06 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:58:17 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:58:28 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:58:39 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:58:50 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:59:01 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:59:12 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:59:23 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:59:33 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:59:44 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 21:59:55 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:00:06 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:00:16 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:00:27 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:00:38 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:00:48 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:00:59 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:01:10 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:01:21 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:01:31 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:01:42 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:01:53 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:02:03 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:02:14 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:02:25 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:02:35 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:02:46 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:02:57 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:03:07 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:03:18 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:03:29 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:03:39 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:03:50 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:04:01 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:04:11 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:04:22 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}
05/04/2020 22:04:33 {“count”:0,“orders”:[]}

See SambaIN folder, log.txt of last 2 mintues.
I just did a test order and accepted it in the GloriaFood APP in those 2 mintues.

I can send the log.txt file, if you let me know how to do it.

See my post above. Set your Order Status to Accepted in your Gloriafood API integration. Then let us know what happens.

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I set the GF API to Accepted for Order Status and restarted the computer.
It made a breakthrough! I started to receive some orders in SambaIN and SambaPOS.

Can you still help me for next two questions?
1)SambaIN ticket log and SambaPOS donot record a GF Ticket if the Ticket has any Menu Item with Size or Addon (those menu items were not fetched in the Fetch Menu)
SambaIN did show a popup of the GF Ticket.

  1. The Accepted At time in Ticket Log is one hour earlier than my Windows (and SambaPOS) time. Possible to adjust?

Thank you anyway. It is a good step since 10 days.

It will work with size and add-ons. But you can’t use special characters. Also did you create the default order tag?

You didn’t create the default order tag as instructed in the tutorial? Also sizes would be portions not order tags. You can not use characters like . Or , or ’ or ( or ) or &

I see you are not actually using sizes. Please create the Default order tag as instructed in the tutorial and then try again.

Same problem for me…
The order tag selected in in gloriafood order don’t arrive in sambapos
In follow guide here:
There is no info about a “default order tag”
What to do??
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello @mccoy88f,

Necessary changes have been made on the mentioned document, please check it out again.

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