GloriaFood integration with Sambaln

You didn’t create the default order tag as instructed in the tutorial? Also sizes would be portions not order tags. You can not use characters like . Or , or ’ or ( or ) or &

I see you are not actually using sizes. Please create the Default order tag as instructed in the tutorial and then try again.

Same problem for me…
The order tag selected in in gloriafood order don’t arrive in sambapos
In follow guide here:
There is no info about a “default order tag”
What to do??
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello @mccoy88f,

Necessary changes have been made on the mentioned document, please check it out again.

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I swear it was in there. Hmm my apologies.

Create an order tag group called Default you can leave it unmapped. No need to add order tags to the group. Sambain will dynamically add the tags.

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As i said in this post…
The order tag isn’t showed in kitchen display

No you do not need to match anything. It should import as portions.

No it will grab portions and product. Something is wrong with yours. Please email

Do you already have that exact same item in Sambapos? If so then you need to define portions. If not then it should pull them in.

Sizes in Gloriafood will not pull in as products in SambaPOS it will pull in as portions of the main product.
You should have a product called Coke Diet Coke Lemonade in large bottles in sambapos.

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  1. SambaPOS does not fetch product with portion/size from GF. I managed to get it working by manually create product/portion in SambaPOS. Thank you for the advice.

  2. Do we still use the Product Tag of “Gloria Name” to match a product in Sambapos from GF? We are using a short name in Sambapos for easy layout in kitchen /invoice receipt. If not, I will need to modify each product name to match GF…

Please send us all your problems to We will control. Thanks

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When i tried download sambain send me back to this link Already bought it.

Copy the link and add the /us to the link.

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Dear Jesse,
Let me ask your suggestion please.
i have multiple size items in GloriaFood Menu setting as in attached.
And i also have “Default” order tag with no mapping.
But, when i try to “Fetch Menu” , those multiple size are not downloaded.
Could you suggest me where to check?
MD Hasan

They would be portions not tags.

this is my “Order Tag” namely “Default” with no other setting just only name.

Default is only if a customer puts a comment while ordering.
You will find them here:

Sizes do not use order tags they are portions.

Thank for you two reply.
But, my product “Portion Price” setting show like that.This is same Language font i used in other menu name also.

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