Gloriafood orders not printing out

Hi, I have Gloriafoods integrated with SambaPOS.

The problem is about 1 in 3 orders recieved does not print out automatically, we are having to input the order manually, at peak times we ocassion miss an order .

Also on the Gloriafood orders, sometimes part of the item may not get printed out. For example: Chicken Curry with Boiled Rice, the boiled rice does not print out on the order receipt.

Has anybody encountered these problems? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Sai,

Make sure that you use ethernet connection type for your printers as mentioned in the below topic;

Also check if you created the Default order tag group as indicated at step 3.7 of the related setup document;

If the above cases are already as supposed to be, then it sounds like a network related issue since you are saying it occurs sometimes (especially at peak times) but not always.

A few other things to try. Be sure your menu is synced from SambaIn. Make sure you didnt use some special characters in the names of your product.

Thank you so much for the advice, I will go through each step to see if that can fix the problem.

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