Going Live tomorrow ! Question about Daily Specials

Hi there,

Thanks you for the help you gave me.
My SambaPOS is not 100% ready yet but I go live tomorrow, 1st of June.
I’ll have the whole month to make it better (mainly reports and this annoying “modifying closed ticket”)
All my drink and food is entered, my order tags also (but they will be better with time)
Tomorrow, early morning redirecting the printers (they are currently used by my old system) and start!
Using idependant terminal and remote desktop to Tablets and one tactil windows compu.

And of course … I’ll have to pay the Licence :slight_smile: I think around the 10th and I’ll do it with pleasure.

I have a question about my products.
I can find some kind of solutions with Order Tags but they are not completely as I would like.

From Monday to Friday I have a midday fixpriced Daily Specials which consist of 3 starters, 4 main courses and 4 drinks to choose from, so like:
Daily Specials, $X

  • starter 1
  • starter 2
  • starter 3


  • Main 1
  • Main 2
  • Main 3
  • Main 4


  • Drink 1
  • Drink 2

Would you know a nice way to do it? knowing that:

  • I’d like to send the kitchen order ticket grouping starters together, same for the main courses, let’s for a table of 2 customers, something like:
    starter 2
    starter 1
    Main 4
    Main 2
  • Most wants the full menu, but a few wants the starter only ($Y), some other the main course only ($Z).

I’ve been working on a specials setup which uses program settings set from an entity screen to automatically add a special free tag to set of menu items all of a single product but with automation to set price and add tag and button header set from program setting.
So you get entity screen with list of fields for special names and prices.
Which updates a set of menu items labels as special names from that entity screen/program settings which automatically change the price and add free tag.
Then using creative print template it will end up showing the special free tag as the order name.
Not quite finished as waiting for next update to do the menu item header using tags issue but should work well.

I think @Jesse has a very good working complex combo setup as well from some of his demos I have seen.

Don’t think there is any Tutorial or DB Tools for such a setup, but recent V5 features have made these things very possible and better than ever imagined. Will take quite a bit of work methinks.

I have no need for such things, so I have never looked into building that type of setup.

Lol, missed the combo part completely hehe

Kendash made a brief tutorial on a combo setup. It was a while ago, he might have updated it.

Hi Eddhasaj,

i try to click to your URL, i have no access to see the content. “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” how to gain access?


You’ll have to ask @Jesse emre or QMcKay for access to beta branch of Samba. It uses features which are not production ready. But I’ll bring you the crux of what Kendash made that he demonstrated in this video

Pretty sure that was done a version ago so can maybe be moved out of beta category.

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It can. JTR I think you can change categories? I can’t do it on my phone efficiently.

No problem, just changed it out of beta… didnt want to take the liberty to move someone elses beta topic.
@Andy_Li try again now.

thanks for the helps.