Google Map to my POS Screen

Hi I’m looking to add google map to my screen so when i get an order the driver can tell how far is the drive.
How can i do that?
Thank you

Have a look at the google maps API documentation

where can i find it? cz i couldn’t

From google did you google google?

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I’ve tried searching google maps API documentation for Sambapos. Nothing relevant came up, I’m trying to create a google map screen. Similar to this tutorial Creating Google Maps Screen.
Maybe there’s a newer version because this one is from 2014

I believe this was made back in the day when google maps API was free of charge, thats not the case anymore

So how can i do it nowadays. Is there any tutorial available or someone can do it and i will pay him.

Looking to create similar to this


I am happy to help you, but first, you will need to speak to Google team about their maps API products, explain your use case, and they will send you an offer.

Once you agree on all that, you will get API key among other things. This API key is what you need to start working on this screen for your POS.

Here is google link

Alternatively, you can look at another maps API provider and their price plans.