Google map widget

Hi i was wondering if you would help me with some issue .
i am using v4 and every time i have two problem first as you can see in the picture is not connect to google
2.And if i connected to google page it does searching for ticket number instead of post code or address like it search 3 or 5 when i click on costumer name

You can check the steps on below and compare.

i did follow this and test it few times

It works so check it again. You have made a mistake. Look closely.

@Jesse thanks for replay mate i checked all the steps over and over no result,any idea which part could gone wrong

@Jesse i even ask my friend to test he has same problem,but in his case it does just search ticket number


So like the tutorial show your setup. Each rule etc. I’m sorry but you made a mistake we need to find the mistake.


Expand the action inside your automation command executed rule so we can see what you put for the parameter

BTW maybe you missed this:
Be very careful and follow tutorial 100% once you get it working then maybe try to modify it. Also you must pay special attention to small details like shown they can break a setup.

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Good eye Kendash. The URL in the Ticket Lister Widget needs to be in the Command Value parameter box, not the Command Buttons box. @Gholam_De, you need to change this.

Also make sure you gave the Google Map Widget a name. Set the Name in the Widget Properties of the HTML Viewer Widget. Without a Name, the Action for Set Widget Value will not function.

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@QMcKay thanks for your help mate it sort it now