Grouping menu category items in Printer/receipt Templates

Need help with this

We have 10 menu Categories:


we would like to see is that products in STARTERS category all ways print first and DRINKS at the bottom on the receipt or Kitchen ticket. As per below example.

I have been playing with the [Orders Group|PRODUCT GROUP] tags without any luck.

░░░░░░░  T I C K E T ░░░░░░
Operator: mm                       
Table:Table 14/1                          
*** STARTERS****
-1  FISH CHUNKS( Spicey ) (ST )           
-1  MIXED STARTER  (ST )                  
-1  CHIPS                                 
-1  MISCELLANEOUS                         
-1  MIXED VEGETABLE CURRY                 
-2  PLAIN RICE                            

**** DRINKS***
-1  COKE                                  
-1  DIET COKE                             
-1  APPLE JUICE                           
-1  KINGFISHER BEER  PINT                 
-1  MINERAL WATER( Large ,Bottled )       
TOTAL ITEMS ORDERED :12                   
NOTES :                                   

Thank you…

Since you need a specific order and alphabetical will not work, use Product Tag in the products to define the sort order.
Use numbers and start at 10 for the first group, 20 for the second, etc. that way if you need to add more groups to the sort order you can use 5,15, 25 etc

In your printer template sort/group by PRODUCT TAG.

We have a documentation for V3 here Grouping on Ticket Printer Template [SambaPOS V3]

It will work fine for V4 too. Additionally we have custom product tagging feature on V4

… and like John suggested you can use PRODUCT TAG:x as grouping key.

Thank you guys much appreciated.

sorry for my silly question but how do you do this, i mean what do you write in the template to sort by product tag?

It automatically sorts groups alphabetically by group key. John says if you need specific ordering you can prefix groups with numbers.


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Got it! Thanks guys.
I love how Sambapos is so versatile and can be made exactly to your needs. Excellent work!

what’s the difference between the Order Tag in the window above, and the one below?

also, how could I apply a tag to all the products in a category? Like in the first image posted in my previous post.

The 2 screenshots are not related.

Your first screenshot is an Order Tag, which is in Management > Tickets, and is related to “modifiers” or “options” as it pertains to Menu Items (they could even be a Discount on specific Items). You can list default Order Tags (comma separated) in the field you have shown, and they will be selected automatically when you choose a Menu Item. For example…

If you have Order Tags such as Bacon and Cheese, and you sell a Menu Item called “Bacon Cheeseburger”, you could list Bacon,Cheese in that field and they will automatically be selected when you choose that Menu Item.

Your second screenshot is not related to Menu items, rather, it is related to Products. It is useful for grouping Products beyond their Category, among other things, such as grouping in a Report, or in a Printer Template. As a simple example…

You may have a Category called Alcohol, and have all beer products tagged as Beer (Local) or Beer (Import), while still having other Product Tags in the Alcohol Category such as White Wine or Red Wine.

To apply a Product Tag to all products in a Product Category, you would need to go through the Products 1 by 1, or come up with a SQL statement to modify them quickly in a batch. Though they are actually Products, these items are listed in the table called [SambaPOS4].[dbo].[MenuItems].


I’m having trouble getting the different groups to show on the kitchen ticket correctly.

When I use [PRODUCT TAG], it’s in the right order. But it only shows the TAG as the title for each section.

However, when I use [PRODUCT GROUP], the order is alphabetical.

-- General layout
<span style="font-family:'Arial';font-weight:bold;font-size:30px">{ENTITIES}
<L00>======== 注意 =========
<L00>(kitchen HTML printer ENGCHI)

-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}
<L00>Guests: {TICKET TAG:Person Count} 人

-- Customer entity format
<L00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME}

<span style="text-align:center;text-decoration:underline;font-size:20px">## {GROUP KEY} ##

-- Default format for orders
<span style="font-size:25px">-{QUANTITY} {BARCODE}

-- Format for order tags
<span style="font-size:25px">    * {ORDER TAG NAME}

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines
<span style="font-family:'NSimSun';font-style:italic;font-size:18px">*{QUANTITY} {BARCODE} *取消*

How do I get it to order by the TAGS, but display the GROUP code?