Grouping orders, product tag vs order tag

The kitchen has asked us to implement product grouping on the kitchen order ticket. Product tags seem like a great solution, however I need the user to be able to change the product tag when entering the order if needed.

I don’t see any option for the user to be able to modify product tags easily. I’m wondering if I should try to do the same functionality, but using order tags?

Do what I did, use order state.
What I did was set course in a product tag.
Then in order added set a custom course state with that value as a default course.
Then create an automation command to update the order course state.
Then group using order state.
Sure I posted my setup on forum somewhere.

Not a tutorial but bit of discussion when I first setup here;

Thanks. Would it be easy to set a standard order state for each product? By default I would want these to fall into their set groups, however if the server wants to push them to a different group, then I would ask them what group.


Yes, that’s the point of what I said.
Using product tag to set default.
On order added the state is set to the value of the tag for default.
Then you make automation to manually change state and so in turn grouping.
Its posible and works, see linked topic for some ideas

Thanks, I’ll look deeper into it.