Refreshing Order Grouping & Setting Group Order

Sure I saw it mentioned before but am struggling to find the post.

Am setting up order grouping by course.
On order added Order Group is set based on {ITEM TAG:Kitchen Course}.
Have set an automation command to update a order to different course using command values.
But the Group doesn’t get visually updated until something else happens like another item added.

Tried ‘Refresh Ticket’ with TicketID = 0 but doesn’t help, even on an automation command button ‘test’

Also, know we can order the groups in whatever order in the template but can we keep them in order on screen?
Starters, Mains, Dessers

In fact am noticing some weird behavior with order group.
Have done with order state and updated group on order state updated and directly using update order group but either way.
Select a MAIN order, click change course button giving a list of values, rule applies value to the course state OR applied order group directly.
If I add another order while the one just changed course on is still selected it updates the group.
If it is selected then another order added it doesnt update…
If i select it again and add a new order the group updates :unamused:

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So if your Update Order Group is set on Order Added then it makes sense its only working when Order is added. If you expect it to update when automation command is executed then you should probably put the action inside an Automation Command Executed rule.

PS: It would be much better if you could simply show your rules. Without showing the rules based on your current explanation there is a lot of grey area we have to try and analyze to figure out what your doing.

Give me a little credit :stuck_out_tongue:

My change course is automation command with values of possible courses and the rule for the command name updates the group using the value.

Something is setup wrong. You know as well as I do its a guessing game until you show us your work.

State updates.
Group seems to be setting but doesnt refresh unless I add another order.
Tried putting refresh ticket on a seperate automation command button and trigger seperatly encase it didnt like being in the same flow but didnt help

Using states as more visual to debug than order group and state updated to update the order group

Delete your Order State Updated rule. Put your Order Group Update action inside the Automation Command Executed rule and put it after the Generic Update Order State action. for Group Tag use {ORDER STATE:KitchenCourse}

Refresh ticket action too?

Doesnt work, still have to add another order before it refreshes.

Only solution I can see at the minute is to change refrest ticket action for an exacute automation command action which fires a rule to add an order and cancel that order straight away.

Interestingly adding an order only causes the refresh if that order (which was just updated group) is selected when adding the order, if I unselect the order then add an order it doesnt refresh.
Close and open ticket seems to work though.

In fact any order can be selected but an order does have to be selected.

Ok I think you should probably rethink the flow and redesign it. I have not done Courses so I was simply using logic presented and not something I have personally tried. It looks like the flow your trying wont work. Maybe study Update Order Group further to get how it works and then redesign a flow around it.

Update Group works I just cant workout a reliable way to refresh the ticket to refresh the Order Groups.
I have tried all manner of sequences and methods.
Given the way that adding an order refreshes the groups only if an order (any order not necerserally the one which has been updated) and doesn’t if no orders are selected and usual refresh ticket has no effect either in same rule or separate button so not in same flow I think there may be a minor bug and would like to see if @emre has any thoughts.

I am saying you may need to do a different flow for defining your groups and using the Update Order Group action.

What other flow is there?
Automation command → update group…

So your saying the ONLY event you have available is Automation Command?

If you want a button on order line of ‘Change Course’ where else do I start?
Also was using order state updated event but exactly the same issue.

Let me try and setup a basic courses setup and ill test a few things so I can offer you better advice.

Thanks, have spent ages trying to find refresh solution.

Its not a refresh issue… you have setup a flow wrong somehow. I will look at possibly ways to use this for courses and get back with you.

PS: Out of curiosity are you using Value Toggle with Automation Command?

No, have the values come up, not toggled.
My previous setup used an ask question but that was still automation command based with value for course from the buttons so had exact same issue.

So is this what your trying to do?

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