Handeling Half Pints

The other question I forgot was regarding half pints,
Curently my
setups use portions for half pint with the auto selection option chosen,
this reduces clutter on the screen however is another press for the
user wether its a pint or a half.
The best system I have used for
this pint/half was the gelar touch software which used a button as a
multiplier, multiplier being the equivilent of the portion options.
ment that you had a list of all draught items which if pressed were
pints, below/to the side there was a half price multiplier, you pressed
this then the button for the beer and it then added that product as half
This setup wa sthe most efficient handeling re tapping as,
simpler product layout, single press for a pint, reduced individual
plu/products to update prices on and when you wanted a hald you just
press half then the product meaning layout remained the same and could
be used very quickly by the user/staff.
If there a way to make a button which automaticly sets portion as half so the autoselect option can be disabled?

I know there are many other ways to handel half pints;
Seperate products
Portions as used
However I really liked this multiplier button method as found it to be very effective in memory recall as to button locations and also easier to handle product list as products only have single PLU/Product line
A pub I also help with till has to resort to seperate plu for eash so with pint, half, shandy and half shandy ends up having 4 plus for what is in essence 1 product line.

What is the difference in pressing that button first then the beer… vs pressing beer then the button… its same amount of touches?

you mean using portions?
curently use portions with autoselect so if it is a half it if changed to half and not left as pint by mistake, without autoselect turned on it defults to pint and you then need to select that order line and then choose half.
does that make sence?

would rather not have seperate product for half pint for reason mentioned

but having auto select means a second tap if it is a pint which is probably 80% of the time.

Something is setup wrong… you shouldnt have two products just for portions… can you show your menu setup?

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its not two products.
at the minute i have say guinness button, with portion for pint and half.
to avoid someone being charged for pint by mistake when half i choose autoselect to promt for portion size.
this is ‘safer’ than user going back and selecting the order line and changing it to a half.
however it does mean that to ring in a pint you press the guinness button and then have to either confirm pint or close the 'order details menu which shows over the main menu.

I guess I am not seeing the issue here. Your old system you pressed a portion button first then the item. But with Samba you press item first then portion… I dont really see the issue here its just preference maybe? There is no time lost or complexity added the only difference is which button is pressed first.

on the other system if you pressed the product button only it was pint, if you pressed the half pint then the product it added as a half.

So other system you actualy had 2 products? Im not understanding you. Do you have your menu item listed as Pint? if so this is wrong… you should only have what it is as a product…it should be just Guiness not Guiness Pint

Maybe you should show some screenshots and give me an idea what you mean. I think you may have a menu or inventory setup mistake.

No, there was only one product button/plu, if you pressed it on its own it rang in a pint, if you pressed half pint first then the product it rang in a half (half pint being a single button for any product - ie same half pint button for half 1664 or guinness).

on my system at the minute i have one product with portions, defult setting you have to select the order then change to half, autoselect forces coice of pint or half however majority of products are pints.

what im trying to ask is can i add a button with automation command that the next product added is half portion.?
but if not pressed it just defults to pint.

Ok so your saying you want a toggle so if you press Half pint you can select multiple products and all of them would be half pint? Instead of having to choose for each product?

not so much a retaining toggle, just a single action toggle for next item added.

So tell me what you would do if you ordered 3 different beers with this button?

if a round was;
1 x 1664
2 x Guinness
1 x 1/2 Guinness
1 x 1/2 Cider
1 x Ale
1 x 1/2 Ale
the button process would be


where the half pint button made the following button a half pint portion

it might seem odd to you but i promise you this button flow i have used on previous system is the most efficient ive used out of many systems
it works very well with memory recall liek touch typing and you can ring in large round of mixed pints and halfs allot quicker

Ok so I still do not see the issue. The only difference is when you press the portion button. Its the same amount of button presses. THis is just a preference issue. However yes you can make this button if you wish.

This is a point many of us have tried to make.

Your right it seems odd to me. Maybe odd to others as well… but obviously not you. This is why SambaPOS is what it is.

You can setup an Automation button to manually set portions yes.

I would advise you however to really think of big picture You may be right and this really just boils down to preference so the automation button is a good thing in this regard. However please try and refrain from comparing Samba to other POS systems and instead focus on what you want it to do for you.

You might find that you can make it do things Better than your other systems. SambaPOS can do just about anything which other systems can not. Many people approach samba with the mentality of only the previous systems they experienced and they miss a lot of cool functions and abilities Samba can do.

Im not sugesting everyone should do it this way but if it can be done and if so how?

Not trying to be argumentative however the defult portion method in samba does require more presses
Either requires more presses if autoselect is chosen as you have to confirm pint to close the comand panel which opens over the menu
or if no auto select you need to click the product, then select half, either way it is more presses :smile:

Press command press product…

Press product press command.

same amount of presses :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway look at Action Update Order and study this. You can set portions here

Please dont get me wrong, im not compairing in that sence,
I understand samba is very powerfull if you know how to config everything.

I am simply trying to implement a workflow seen on another system which i feel is faster than the defult setup on samba, hence the question how to impliment this button and workflow :smile:

I understand what your saying ive seen this type of setup

So you have product buttons but you also have portion buttons so if you want half a pint of something you press the half pint button first then the product button

If you wanted a pitcher/jug you would press the pitcher button then the product button

The product can be set to default to a pint when you just press the product button (saving time by not needing to press the portion button 1st as most of the time a pint is what is served)

This could possible be done using the order added action as there is a setting for portion size in that action, ive not created this as i like sambas setup, i do see what you mean by having auto select on, if your default portion is a pint the auto select screen appears and you either press the pint modifier or just press close as the product is already a pint

If you can get it to work and noone jumps in with an idea ill have a go a seeing if i can build something possibly tomorrow

OK Rick you just finally helped me understand what he meant. One minute ill give example of how to do this.