Handling extra piece on products that have multiple pieces

On my menu, I have a few items that are sold with multiple pieces, like if you order Vegetable Samosa, at the menu price you get 2 pieces. I want to be able to have option to add 1 extra piece, and the price of 1 piece would be equal to menu price / 2.

However, different items will have different number of pieces. Like, Chicken Tikka is sold as 6 pieces. So extra 1 piece would be menu price / 6.

I know there are a few ways I could do this, maybe with portions or order tags. However, there are about 20+ items like this on the menu, and not all come with same number of pieces, like the 2 examples above.

I am looking for a way I can maybe define the number of pieces of each item, but then give a really easy way first to be able to easily set this “feature” on new items, either define piece price or have it calculated automatically by dividing item price by number of pieces, and for the staff using the POS to make it easy that they press menu item and it adds normal item like Chicken Tikka, 6 pieces, but then they can press one button more and it adds on an extra piece. The less clicks needed to accomplish this for staff using POS would be priority.

Also, although my client isn’t using inventory yet, I want the setup to be compatible with inventory items for the future, so we are logging sale of 6 pieces and 1 extra piece consistently.

Any suggestions?

Thanks. :smile:

Normal solution would obviouly be order tag with price of a peice.
Would be fair few order tags.

How about price of product is price price and you define menu qty on the menu item properties, so single press of chicken tikka adds 6xtikka prices and the +- qty buttons would change qty.

Or maybe a more complex option with order tags, have not tried but an idea, product price = menu price, add a product custom tag for number of peices.
As we only have tag and not update tag action you might have to trigger the tag order from automation command on order line mapping. Maybe with list of numbers/peices for values.
Priduct tag Price equals {PRICE} X ( [:CommandValue] / {PRODUCT TAG:Peices} )

Yeah I thought about the menu item quantity set to 6 then can use + / - qty buttons, however receipt would show 6x Chicken Tikka (I assume) so not ideal, bit confusing to customer. I will try it first anyway.

The order tag solution like you say might work well, I was thinking along the same lines of adding a button on order line mapping for extra piece, that just uses the tag order action to add in a custom order tag and price based on price equation for 1 piece.

Unless you adjusted the template for orders to be QTY devised by peices rounded to whole number!
Although you would need to set peices to 1 on all other products…

@markjw Did you tried to type 1.5 in keyboard then select samosa ? may that will work for them.

Wouldn’t work, as if you have 6 pieces plus 1 extra piece then you have 7 / 6 for quantity.

Possibly could use a different layout for those products with pieces product tag in printer template and show as “Chicken Tikka - 7 pcs” instead of showing quantity, then there is no confusion that it is 7 pieces of chicken tikka and not 7x quantity of chicken tikka menu item at 6 pieces each!

Haven’t tried, guess it should work, however some items are 6 pieces so that’s a little more complicated. If everything was just 2 pieces it’s a lot more straightforward.

You could be really creative… That method but do;

( {qty} / {peices tag} rounded to whole number) [+ ( {qty} / {peices tag} - (the same but rounded to whole number) to leave just decimals) X {peices tag} ) Peices] X {PRODUCT NAME}

7 peices would be

7/6 rounded to whole = 1
7/6 just decimals X 6 = 1

1 + 1 Peice X chicken tikka
If no extra peices the square brackets should hide the + x peices.

Possibly tricky in template but shouldn’t be too hard used a script.

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Its become quite big menu if you add to all menu items but if you have few dishes they sell by pieces than may be portion will work Ex: Chicken Tikka 1 Piece Portion than Normal Portion Choose default portion as selection if some one need extra piece than you have option of portion?

Yeah I looked at portions initially before posting about it, but it’s too slow in general use. They want to just have easy way to +1 extra piece. With portions, if you have normal portion for 6 piece, and then separate portion for 1 piece, then you want to +1, you have to change portion to individual then do 7 times.

Very interesting! Going to try this out, I think it might work quite well. Thanks :smile:

So I just started trying to test this out, however appear to have found a problem. It would appear menu item quantity is being ignored.

I have product Chicken Tikka like this (note you can disregard product tag for pieces, I haven’t done anything with that yet):

On menu, I have set quantity to 6:

However when I press the menu button, only quantity 1 is added to the ticket (I would have expected 6x Chicken Tikka and price of 60.00 (i.e. 10.00 x 6).

(Vegetable Samosa is also setup with quantity 2 on menu, also not working)

Is this a bug?

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Am getting the same here on 5.1.57 …

I’m using 5.1.56. I tested it also on 4.1.82 just since I have it installed as well, same issue…

@emre ?

A seperate thought, since we can format display format for qy, order and price you could even apply the same formatting planned for ticket template on the order screen :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. Let’s hope it can work as expected first! :wink:

Last resort could always set an update order action to update qty on order added to Pieces count tag

True. I’ll wait to see what @emre says about that feature, maybe we are misunderstanding it however I can’t expect it would do anything else unless it is only updating quantity for inventory and not order. Haven’t tested.

Well I’ve managed to implement it using Order Tags instead, while taking some of the ideas @JTRTech mentioned about the Product Tag for Pieces.

Here is what I’ve done…

Added a Custom Product Tag for Pieces. This stores the number of pieces a dish comes in.
Note the Price is the price for the whole dish, in this case Chicken Tikka comes with 6 pieces for $60.00.
(therefore, each extra piece should be $10.00 each)

Added an Order Tag for Extra Piece:

Mapped the Order Tag to specific Products since not every product in each category would come in pieces and it was just more straightforward this way.

Added Update Order Tag Price Action for Update Extra Piece Price:

Added Update Order Tag Quantity Action for Update Extra Piece Quantity:
(this is necessary because I found when I update the order tag price using the first action, it overrides the default behaviour of the quantity therefore meaning pressing multiple times no longer increases quantity. So adding this extra action updates the order tag quantity to make it work like normal)

Added Order Tagged Rule for Update Extra Piece Rule:

This updates the Order Tag price to be the Item Price / Number of Pieces (from the Pieces Product Tag)

[={PRICE}/{ITEM TAG:Pieces}]

Then the update quantity action is just to replicate normal behaviour of the order tag that was overridden


Here is the end result:

I’m happy with the output so no need to even change printer templates.

My only concern with this setup is that I can’t link the Order Tag Value to the Product, therefore it won’t update Inventory when extra pieces are added to an order. Right now, my client isn’t using inventory for these items so it works for the moment. Might be useful if there was an Update Order Tag Product Action available, then I could add the Product in dynamically using the Update Extra Piece Rule. For now I can’t see any other way I could update inventory of products using this method.


Nice one :slight_smile: Good Job

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