Happy Hour - How to implement!?

Hi there,

Can anyone please show how to implement happy hour?

I want some product with different price form 7 a.m to 10 a.m.

Thank you!

You can read Triggers section of this document to get the idea http://v2.sambapos.org/en/content/sambapos-251-test-release

This document is for v2 but implementation is same for V4

Yes I have done a trigger to activate happy hour but
How to deactivate!?

Setup another trigger that executes the action that changes department’s price list setting to empty value.

Hi Emre this Happy Hour options is very good but in 4.1.21 doesn’t change the prince list in the ticket … i don’t understand the reason…

I have done the new price list called HH. I have a product:

Normal Price 8
HH 4
I see in the Product List…

I have created a trigger following your very good tutorial…on the last release.

I have created a Trigger
Trigger Name: Happy Hour Price List Activation Trigger
Expression:00 21 * * *

The Trigger start ( Used the TEST…)… will start every day at 9 PM

I have created an Action:
Action Name: Activate Happy Hour Price List
Action Type:Change Price List
Department Name: Restaurant
Price Tag:HH

I have created a Rules:
Rule Name:Activate Happy Hour when Trigger Executes
Event Name: Trigger Executed
Execute rule if: Matches
Trigger Name Equals Happy Hour Price List Activation Trigger
Actions: Activate Happy Hour Price List

Mapping:* on all

But it doesn’t work… If I go in the POS after 9 PM and I choose a Carib in the Ticket will appear 8 and not 4 …I really don’t understand…




I have Closed/Re-Open the Work Period.

Now it works fine.

A great solution fro HH.

Thank’s Emre

How to implement Happy Hour Pricing in samba pos 3 ?

Implementation in v3 is the same as v4.

Hiya Emre, I’m sorry but I think we need a more tutorial styled explanation, I cant find a thread that explains the rules and triggers to close the action of Happy Hour, the post to create it from V2 is sufficient but it stops half way in the process. Or am I missing something?

@stephanhenning are you using v3 or v4? Since this thread we have developed a better system that does not use triggers at all. I will get the links one moment.

I am using V4, and Im just typing junk to fill 20 spaces needed to post

This is a more complex setup but you can read this and get a good idea how to setup a simpler system without the need for triggers.

Thank you, I will try and implement that HUGE thread tomorrow.

Hello , the trigger method works perfectly for the happy hour but how can i show the hh letters on the bill beside the happy hour items? What shld i add on the printer ticjet template? Thank u

There are a few steps at the top of the Tutorial that you must set up manually, but the bulk of the system is contained in DB Tools Import files at the very end.

The benefit of not using triggers is they work even if your in middle of a ticket when the hour activates.

With the trigger method if you have a ticket open when the hour hits the prices will not change forcing you to close ticket and start over.

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anything wrong with using happy hour as a portion? Before reading this thread, that was the first thing that came to mind.

The only thing i can’t seem to do is set up a happy hour per catergory so have to manually fill in the price for every happy hour item

Can you elaborate on how your happy hour offer works? What is the offer?

we do it mostly of cocktails so it’s 10rmb off the listed price per cocktail.

Portions is probably not the best way to do it, certainly not the easiest if its a fixed discount for a product group.
If its a fixed discount I would set a update order action with a price change using a calculation/formula (would have to double check but sure its posible) ‘like price - 10’ on a rule which was for on order added with constraints for happy hour times and the product group of cocktails (if you have your groups setup like that).

Here is a good link for happy hour constraints.

Would have to hunt for the code/formula for the discount (the refund rule would be a good place to look for the correct tages as beleive that is 0 - ‘order price’ so could easily be coppied and adapted to order price - 10