Help me debug an error following the Temp Tabs Tutorial, please


I was trying the Temp Tabs Tutorial and some how I have a rule error. Please help me debug it.

The rule error message:

The Temp Tabs Command(which is a rule) definition(note that the constraint parameter has “Temp Tabs Button”. I changed the original name from the tutorial to hopefully signify that it is a button for easier reading in my tweaking. Of course I defined the Automation Command with this name:


Show the Action definition for: Generic Display Ticket List


Thanks! Yes it should be “Ticket tag” not “Ticket Tag”


Did you change it to a capital after using the action?
If you change an action already in use you need to remove it from the rules its used in, save the rule and then re add it to refresh the fields…


I think so properly due to I thought it was a typo before when the name is lower case.
I start to notice some of things we did are resistant until I remove it even though it looks right visually. Obviously I missed this one.


The capita wouldnt make a difference so long as it right on both, if changed the action in the rule will be different to the actual action. Action instances within rules to not auto update if the actual ‘master’ action is changed.