Help needed to setup sambapos on toshiba sta-10 till

Hi, i have tried to setup pole display, printers etc with samba pos on a toshiba sta-10 terminal but failed on every attempt.

for that reason i am willing to pay anyone from the samba community who can log in to my till via team viewer and help me set up samba pos, and get my customer displays, printers cash drawer etc working.


@emre @JohnS will any of you be willing to do it for me?

please, it will be really appreciated.

I will love to help you for free when i will have some time. but i am not Sure what do you want to do.
Do you want a customer display on this Device??

hi yes i have a toshiba sta-10 till.

i have a customer till, printer and cash draw connected to the till.

but i do not know how to configure it with sambapos.

Ok. Now i an out talking from a phone. When i get home to my pc i will check if i can help.

thank you very much! i will be waiting.