Toshiba sta-10 till - help with drivers


i know this has nothing got to do with samba pos but i was wondering if anybody on the forum could help.

i have a toshiba sta-10 till which has a touch screen which doesn’t work due to no drivers installed.

i have checked all over the internet but no luck.

is there anybody on the forum that uses the same till and might be able to send me the drivers or atleast tell me where i could download it from.

your help will be much appreciated.

hala las terminales toshibas de ese modelo sta-10 hay sin touch el modelo sin touch es el ST-A10-155K-QM-R , y los modelos con touch son ST-A10-122K-QM-R , fijate por que a lo mejor es sin touch si es con touch lleva el driver de elo touch o algunas microtouch , si es elo bajalo de esta pagina la version 5.5.3 , selecciona tu sistema operativo

si es microtouch bajalo de aqui y selecciona tu sistema operativo es la version 7.14.4

Was talking about this with @JTRTech he had some ideas for the touch screen.
I had 2 of these systems and I couldn’t get them to work on win 7 8 or 10 sadly.

Hi yes, unfortunatly i tried upgrading to windows 7 but was not successfull and had to downgrade back to windows xp after finding out that the system only works with xp.

Thats the reason why i lost touch drivers.

So you did not manage to install Windows 7 then? Or it is just the touch screen on Windows 7 that doesn’t work?

If it’s the touch screen, maybe you can try to find the Windows 7 touch driver for the Toshiba ST-A20 (the newer model) or even the Toshiba C10, there is a chance might be using the same touch screen.

Also I saw this old post on the forum, not sure the end result but might be worth checking with the user or posting on that topic as well to see if there was any more info available. He only appeared to have a problem with the pole display, however it’s possible he was using SambaPOS V3 and therefore was still using Windows XP.

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Hi, no i did not manage to install windows 7.

i am using windows xp now, it is the only thing that works with the till.

i have downloaded the drivers mentioned by @panapos and it is working ok now.

thank you very much for your help

None of the touch screen drivers work on win 7 and above… Tried myself for a week.
Ended up rolling back to XP and the touch screen then worked


@panapos have you got ST-A10 working in Windows 7 including touch screen?

Google translate: tienes ST-A10 de funcionar en Windows 7, que incluye pantalla táctil?

windows 7 does not work at all on the sta-10.

it keeps crashing on startup.

therefore i have had to roll back to windows xp, which works fine.

instala posready 2009 es tecnologia windows xp y tiene actualizaciones hasta 2016 saludos

Can i use samba pos v5 with windows posready 2009?

Does netframework work with it?

No. POSReady 2009 is based on Windows XP. You need minimum Windows 7 (or POSReady 7) to run V4 or V5.

The only version of SambaPOS that works on Windows XP / POSReady 2009 is V3 which is outdated now.

Have you tried running the drivers in xp compatibility mode? I’m able to upgrade old xp pc’s all the time. Even if no W7 drivers exist there’s a way to force W7 to run XP drivers. Right click on the .exe file and go to compatibility and chose the appropriate operating system. Then save and try running the driver again.


When I was messing around with the st-a10, i tried that as well, no luck. Just wasn’t having it.

Hey guys, I may be late but I hope this helps someone. I manage to install the touchscreen drivers in Windows 7. Visit this page and select windows 7 from the OS dropdown list. I installed the single touch driver and it works just fine.

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I have Win 10 LTSC working, but require 1 GB ram. Toshiba manufacturer was no help, as they directed me to US/CAN distributor for Toshiba ST-A10-152K-QM-R Anyone know specific 1GB ram to get for this system motherboard?

Don’t waste your time with Toshiba STA-10, SambaPOS will not run properly the CPU is not powerful enough. Also minimum spec for SambaPOS is 2Gb RAM, not 1Gb RAM, and 4Gb RAM at least is recommended.

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I have win 10 ent 2019 2 gb ram and seems to work fine. I tested with another product with customer display, scale, scanner 2 drawers and 2 printers. I tried using Samba, but trail did not work using 2 printers. edit post

Trial did not what with 2 printers?
2g ram is light and wouldn’t expect great performance if you have anything beyond basic stock setup.