Help! Payment Sense PAC Gateway Login Problem

On my office (test) pc I managed to log into the PaymentSensePAC Gateway with my admin pin no problem but when trying to do this on my main terminal it says Wrong Admin Pin. The admin pin is the same on both setups. I`m confused.

Any ideas?

PAC doesn’t use a gateway app any more does it? Do you mean PAT?


The application I downloaded is called:

Payment Sense PAC Gateway

Its not accepting my admin pin? Any ideas?

Yes I`m using Pay At Counter (PAC) setup.

What is the latest setup guides for this? I followed the procedure here:

The version to use without the gateway app is not officially released therefore only available to resellers.

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Hi @markjw

Any ideas why it is not accepting my admin pin?

If you followed this step by step, you will have no issues (except for the dll issue mentioned earlier).

I would say this is more likely to be related to your SambaPOS setup on that system. The admin pin needs to be an admin user (i.e. “admin” is ticked on the role that is used for that account). I have setup many with this integration and have never had this issue nor have we seen it reported by anyone before so it is going to be related to your setup.

Have you applied a (free) Paymentsense PAC gateway on your CP account?

Does your license email show in the title bar of the PAC Gateway application?

Have you applied a (free) Paymentsense PAC gateway on your CP account?

Does your license email show in the title bar of the PAC Gateway application?
No (Doesn’t seem to be communicating with SambaPOS?)

What version of SambaPOS are you using?

Is SambaPOS activated (i.e. not showing trial) and showing license in Samba Market page as well as on SambaPOS title bar?

Have you configured settings in the PAC Gateway app (your API credentials, etc.) ? and saved, closed and reopened the application after doing so?

Hi @markjw

I`m using the latest version SambaPOS v5.3.0.

I have added the integration licence on the CP.

I`m not able to configure the PAC Gateway app as I cannot log into it.

It works from my office pc as it shows the username:

Ps. I have cleared the licence many times but whenever i install it on my live system it does not display my username hence I cannot log in.

Anything different about this main terminal SambaPOS setup?

I note you saying something about using RDP on another topic? Are you doing so from this ?

Basically, you should just install the PAC Gateway and it just works, there is nothing to configure for it to “find” SambaPOS. So I am wondering if you have done anything maybe less typical with your SambaPOS setup? Do you have 2 versions installed of V5 in different folders?

Hi @markjw

Nothing different on the main terminal setup that I am aware of. Both running the same OS and same SambaPOS versions.

I didn’t get as far as getting the tablets to work because I am yet to resolve the main terminal issue. Expecting my Payment Sense terminal tomorrow.

I have tried re-installing both SambaPOS and the PAC Gateway to no luck.

I have re-checked and only have one SambaPOS install.

I have updates disabled in Windows 10 on the main terminal, could running a outdated version of Windows 10 cause the PAC Gateway to not communicate?

Posibly, I have had issues with apis needing newer/more secure tls version however on win 7, not on win 10 although would posibly be a newer version that what your running.

But you sorted admin pin issue now?
The url api key being the payment sense hostname its referring to, did you say not got machine yet? Maybe terminal hostname not enabled yet?

Hi @JTRTech

On my main terminal (TILL) where I have Windows 10 updates disabled I cant log into the Gateway App with my Admin Pin to configure the settings.

However on my Office PC (Test PC) which is regularly updated, I can log in with my Admin Pin and make the configurations needed.

It’s not a Admin pin issue it’s communication issue between the Gateway App and CP/Samba/SQL. Not sure how this app operates to fully understand.

If I opt for the updates, I won’t be able to RDP for my tablets. And not even sure this is going to resolve my problem.

My new PDQ will not integrate as I’m not able to enter the Host and Token ID.

PS. Appreciate the help guys. Thank you very much.

Its highly likely there is a security patch by microsoft that they are requiring before you can use the gateway as this could affect security liability of the transmission of payment data. This is the downfall of using a hack for rdp.

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Yes agreed. At the time of setup I got the best results with RDP.

I have managed to recreate the problem on my Laptop. Which is running Windows 10.0.18363 Build 18363.

Lets see if a update resolves the problem…

RDP is great yes. I wish it was free.

Do you mean the admin PIN issue?

This is Windows 10 version 1909. There is no known issue running PAC Gateway on that, it has been tested (by myself - used by customers) on versions back to 1607.

Given you can get this same issue on another system you own, I suspect there is some conflict or something related to how you set it up. I have setup on many systems with this version and not one time encountered this issue you have.