[Help] Possible to Change Formatting of States in Order Line?

I am trying to make the position of the order more visible. Its nearly impossible for waitresses to see it currently. Can we possibly adjust the formatting for states?

Pretty sure the answer is no.
Maybe look at order grouping to group them by position.

I unfortuneltely cant use order grouping since I am using that for combos :confused:

I really wish we had a better way to handle positions ;/ Thats one of the only things im getting complaints on by customers.

Actually, how about trying to add a position state tag/expression in the order line formatting so it shows on order line? Might work, not tried something like that before…
You would need to add into state format for new and submitted and probably the others too.

I was thinking about that actually. That might work.

Look at this. The way they handle Splitting checks is so simple. I really hope I have the ability to design something like that in samba one day. @emre skip to 1:00 for the actualy splitting example

The example in video would be equivilent of multiple tickets on the table…

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Looks like it doesnt work on v5.1.60, sure its something that would be sorted maybe.
Currently it voids the whole order format and shows blank.

Order grouping would be the other option obviously if you wernt using for combos.

Purhaps you could make something using entity screen as a display position format? Bit more involved but can imagine some options.

Yeah I am trying to setup positions in every way I can possible imagine and coming to limits every time.

One of my approaches was:
enter order for first position and click add ticket for next position but that doesn’t work because it submits the current position ticket when you click “Add Ticket” for the new position. Obviously we need all the orders to come out in one ticket at the kitchen.

To be honest im not familiar with what your referring to.

Dont worry, probably would take allot of work to get anything close to what you want but was thinking like a form of kitchen display but for positioned tables.

The printing only goes like that on default config, you can soon adjust the printing flow.
What might be better would be to do that and run multiple tickets and hold the orders in a ‘to be printed state’ then submit all at once.
Thing youll need to sort though is a way to print contents of multiple tickets as one print. The state flow is easily adjusted its just the actually printing as a single ticket thats the challange.
Not sure if you can offer print ticket action multiple ticket ids…

Hey how did you do this. Can I display my state like you did the word Gift and Hold?

Thats what I was thinking HOWEVER those are all fixed text/stings, you cant use dynamic {TAGS} in state formatting…
Thats what I tested a minute ago when I said it voids the state formatting for the order line.
I tried putting {0}{ORDER STATE:Status} and it showed nothing (in dark theme :stuck_out_tongue: )

I tried to get rid of the dot on portion like i did on prints but doing {NAME} {PORTION} rather than the default which gives Product.Portion but doesnt work.

Haha yeah that sucks ;/

Hopefully emre comes up with something for us. Iv been thinking and im okay with the waitress having to manually click every order and move it herself each time. I dont think thats a big deal I just need them to be able to easily see the positions.

Could you not simplify that? If not wanting to automatically split ticket into ticket per position just have a select position orders with a ?Prompt or command value selector - they enter sat 1 and then the automation command rule uses a select orders action with state position =P[:CommandValue]?
So it automatically selects all orders for a position?
Then either move button or automatically move?
Could use that same flow to print the orders for a specific position on request also :slight_smile:

Tried that already. Unfortunately select orders action does everything in the backround so nothing is visual. Which can lead to confusion since waitresses dont see what they selected. I thought about this all long and hard and determined with current status of samba its best to just have them manually select everything and move it. Ill just need to implement button Q did in a tutorial to print all tickets for table at once which is one the main requests I got. Also If I can get a way to see positions easier that will be sufficient enough…

They are selecting them all to do what? move? so make a move position button and select/move in same automation…?

Yeah thats an option that im keeping in mind. i just discovered a way to tell waitress which positions are in each split ticket by using one of your report tags. Only issue is im getting a report with each value in a new line. Is there any way I can retrieve it with every value on same line?

Hmmmm, whats the code for that?
Might need to parse it through some jscript to remove the linebreaks…
Are positions always sequential? Could you not just count the number of positions and way there are x positions on this table?