Help with Connection String

Hi there,
I missed some steps and continuously i receive wrong string message and am unable to access the login interface.

Please help me. Thanks

Suppliy the correct Connection String in the Dialog that is presented, or change the Connection String in:


Thanks for your reply. Please help me with the correct connection string that i can enter. I dont understand the content in the text file.

Please help me.Thanks

Or should i delete the content of the text file

Within the file you will see something like this:

<ConnectionString>Data Source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS; User Id=sa; Password=yourdbpassword; Database=SambaPOS4;</ConnectionString>

Any of those parameters being incorrect will result in the error that you are seeing.

Data Source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS
User Id=sa

I cannot tell you what your parameters should be. One possibility is that this might need to be changed:

Data Source=localhost\sambapos

It really depends on your Database installation. Is it CE, LocalDB, or SQLExpress?

Thanks Very much for the response. The database i installed is SQLExpress. Please whats the default password to the database because i havent entered any password for that

I would appreciate if you can connect to my PC and help me with the configuration through teamviewer or any other app.


Is the a way to get rid to the connection error screen and type the connection string again?
Please give me your skype name


You installed it so what did you set it as when installed? Windows authentication or Mixed? If windows authentication then you do not need to set a login and password in the connection string.

Just type it inside the error box…

While there might be some of us that do not mind spending the time for this it would not benefit the community at all. This is a community project and we should strive to improve our community.

Can you also provide us a screenshot of the connection error that might help us understand what part of it is failing. If you delete the file Samba will start but it will not be connected to your database you still need to provide the correct connection string.

Thanks Kendash. I deleted the login and password from the but still have connection problem

This next thread was very important to us helping you.

I set your account so you can post images use the button to right of </> to insert an image… or if you print screen just paste it in the forum with CTRL+V

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Thanks Kendash, I was able to do the database connection thanks to your help.

My next challenge is this, Is it possible to connect other standard windows users created on the Server PC to the same samba database (SAMPOS4)?

I have already run the patch to allow multiple windows 7 accounts session and have also created other standard user accounts?

Thank again

Yes it is possible. This is how I run mine. But I don’t use rdp and I don’t use hacks on my computers. I just let other pc’s connect with their logins.

my problem was a typo, thanks anyway