Help with taxes

Hi Samba Developer,
Please tell me we have dishes that do not take for taxes,
it happens in one account dishes without taxes,
I searched the forum but found nothing

You need to elaborate your issue, samba doesnt have taxes setup as default so you must have created them at some point so likely youve made a configuration error

If you detail your issue, what you want to happen, what you dont want to happen and include screenshots of your issue well be able to help you better, at the moment i dont really inderstand what your asking im guessing you want some products to sell with tax and some without?

You viewed 18 topics, there are more than 100 topics about taxes alone on the forum. Please explain what you need in detail. Dishes without taxes doesn’t tell us what you need.

PS: Its best to start a new post with your question. I am moving this to a new discussion since it does not add to the previous discussion.

You can map individual Products or entire Product Groups to Tax Templates…

Manage > Products > Tax Templates

If your non-Tax dish is part of a Product Group that normally is taxed, then change the Group for that particular dish so it is not part of the Product Group that is in the Tax Template Mapping.

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I want to some products was 10% service charge
Please show with screenshots

or I will send you a file database, you can do I do ??

Are you using a calculation or are you using a tax template for service charge? Calculations can’t be used order level but tax templates can be mapped to products.

We don’t support sending databases to help people configure Sambapos. If we need a copy of database for spotting bugs we will request it but please don’t request community members look at your database for basic configuration questions.