HI, Samba POS just loading

HI, I had installed the POS and was was working correctly. Now when i start, its just loading and loading.
what could be the problem? Please help.

Try ALT+TAB to see if you have pressed on the loading screen and brought it in front of the connection string message box.
Sounds like what it most likely is…

New error message is
Error occurred while initializing the database. See inner exception for details
Now this is confusing for me

What type of Database do you have?

That could be anything… we would need to see the full error report. Likely you changed something but we wouldnt know that so its going to be hard for us to help you until you can provide us more information like what you did when it started to not work and showing us the full error report would help.

I really am not sure what your true issue is because you have not given us much to work with but these links might help you.