Hold ticket without sending to kitchen to place new order

I have followed following tutorial Creating a Hold Ticket Button
It holds the ticket but does not change the color of button secondly when i unhold item(s) it does not sent order to kitchen.

What I need is that while i am placing order for a customer, there is some delay and then another customer wants to place order so i want to hold the first order without sending it to kitchen, place the second order and then go back to first order to complete it and send to kitchen.

If there is any tutorial. I am using version 5

You have to interrupt the new-> submitted state for kitchen orders with hold and change to new on unhold.
Or Alternativly change your print flow to use a custom state flow specificly for printing which is what I’ve done on my system.

Thank you . any screen shot of your flow if possible .

Will try and sort something but am flat out this week as its Cheltenham gold cup race week and everywhere within 40 miles of Cheltenham is fully booked all week so both properties are absolutely flat out with race goers.
It’s one of the biggest horse racing events of the year and were only half hour from race course.
The new property did turnover of about 60% of all last week just on Monday, tonight we won’t be far behind and rest of the week will be almost as busy.
This week is one of our highest turnover weeks of the year often even more that Christmas/new year week.

If you sure you follow every step to the T then you have some other rules interfere with states. The tutorial does work.

Login as Administrator and show your order screen.

I would recommend using a seperate print and printed state flow to avoid issues with the Status state flow.