Hotel eSign for Room Transfers

This is almost completed system extending my NewBook PMS integration with my new ‘GuestLink’ website for online checkin and contactless bills/signing.

Using guest information Samba gets from the PMS it emails guest a copy of the restaurant bill with link to esign it.
Then when going back to room post samba checks if there is an existing signature request wether it has been signed yet or not and shows the signature if it has.

Mobile is customer device, laptop is till.


Looks great. Are you processing the PDF on-site, or through a web service?

A PDF and a JPG are generated using DOMPDF on the guestlink site of mine.
Started using a virtual printer to file and ftp it to web but just wasnt relyable.
In theory this way samba posts json to website and doesnt get a responce untill php has run creating the request entry in db and generating pdf jpg and sending guest email.

image image image image