Hourly Department Sales

Hi Guys,

I need a report to give me the hourly breakdown of sales of a specific department I have 8 Departments.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction.



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Hey Kendash,

Thanks for that can you remember you where helping me with this before.

Did you happen to look at it?



There was already a thread? Sorry if you made new thread about same thing I probably dont remember. Its best to not make new thread about same thing. Maybe post in that thread again.

that was the first thread I appologose for reposting but this is the final piece of my system to setup then I am finished lol :slight_smile:

So what is it… department or ticket type?

Hi Kendash

I need it to do it by department.

Many Many Thanks


It is a little hard to customize it for you as it needs a lot of SQL work. I quickly prepared a pivot report for you. May not look as good as original report but I hope it will help you see totals by hours and departments. You can import it with import tool. It should create a report named Hour Pivot.

HourReport.zip (869 Bytes)