How can make 2 tickets orders send in one ticket to kitchen?

thank u JTRech for ur idea. yes im new in forum but im keep flowing and using sambapos 2 years .
Unfortunately what u expile it not be work for me . because here orders most of them have starts and main meal and Creating complexity in density.
i little search about it, the most of similar programs of sambapos have this features. i think should be have some way to do it. but how ?

I’m just trying to understand what it is you are trying to achieve.
Are you saying that for example, a family comes in, orders once, the later orders again and then again and you want all of that on one ticket sent to kitchen only 1 time?

there are a few ways to do separate billing and I found the easiest way without any sort of configuration is using the “settle screen” the on the left hand side selecting the items that wants to be paid separately.
like below

hello thanks for try to help .ok i try with easy way explain. 2 tables food i want to order in one ticket to kitchen printer

That is not possible unless you take both tables in single ticket. You cant combine two tickets into one print.

Table merge then send to kitchen print maybe??

Example table1 order . Open table 2 order. Click merge ticket. Choose table 1. Ticket is merged. Make button send to kitchen print


Think you would be better approaching from other direction and marking orders based on position.
There are a couple of topics in last month or so about seat/position setup allowing easyier tracking of orders based on seat meaning a single ticket which is easily split by seat/position at final print/payment.
Meaning single kitchen print but quick separating of orders to seperate tickets at end.

hello if i merge ticket i wont give anything . because the customers want thair bill be separate
we r taking drinks in 1 table by add tciket no problem . but food can not because food should come same time all of them .
have this option some other similar program of SambPos. should be some way but how and just wait Emre answer

So pretty much ignore what anyone else says then, I never sugested merging, I said you run the table as a single bill but mark orders as you so as seat/person1,2,3 etc. All prints as single ticket.
When comes time to pay/print you select split by seat/position and it breaks the whole bill into multiple tickets based on your markers (states or whatever) you set while ringing everything in.

if you dont care what anyone else has to say why not just PM emre.

i get upsad because JTRTech get me wrong. sorry JTRTech if i unaware and fracture u .
i been Pm Emre nearly weeks ago . still wating …
our customer stay long time and most of them big groups ( english people ) This will be a mess all bills already .

You can take the orders on single ticket. You can split ticket into multiple tickets when people ready to pay. This is how most restaurants handle that.

Kendash. I was thinking of an idea that just crossed my mind regarding this but i couldnt find the topic relating to this. It might be beneficial for him.

Do you recall when i cant remember who exactly made i think a tutorial(it may have been qmckay or you or someone) where auto command button was created that put like a split line in between orders. The purpose may have been to seperate starters mains and drinks orders on the single ticket and then have it print out.

I was think if we can find that tutorial or topic of what im trying to explain. Maybe we can help him achieve what he wants using the order split line ability

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hello . how can i do any this do any body have any idea ?

table 1 take order hold on then take table 2 orders send to the kictchen in one ticket or in tabe take orders hold on add ticket take orders again add ticket take orders send kitchen in one ticket

Leave it in paper and then add it in a sigle table, then split the order and move an order to another table.

The other way is to add the order normally and then select an entity for both tables, merge tickets and press a button to execute the print order, but it’s a long process…
I do not know if it can be automated…

i do this but really it s geting very busy sometimes and every time we have big familys or groups so we need sourt out this . i hope some can do it

You need to either create a hold flow which interrupts the default order status flow or create a new state flow.
Messing with the default state flow can be dangerous if you don’t know what your doing so recconment the second option.
You need to create actions for a kitchen print order state and add actions in the rules where the normal order status is updated.
Ie when you add an order its set to NEW, on before ticket close rule there will be a print action which looks for NEW status orders and prints them before a closing ticket action updates NEW orders to SUBMITTED.
You need to mimic this flow but create a new HOLD print state.
Maybe have a look at my switch user tutorial, it isnt table specific but and from memory this changes the status state so if you use it be careful and make a backup.

hello JTRTech thanks . it s posible u show or tell step by step how to do it …
u mean i can do in sambapos
table 1 take order hold on then take table 2 orders send to the kictchen in one ticket or in tabe take orders hold on add ticket take orders again add ticket take orders send kitchen in one ticket

Forgot to paste link;


Like I said if using status state be very carefull and test well, the linked method is not a novice method…
Preferably you would create a separate state flow and use that for prints.

It is for a switch user without a table but core principles are the same.
If using on entities you would want to probably add a HOLD entity state so that tickets on hold are a different colour to make clear as obviously they will have orders which havn’t been sent to kitchen yet.

I like the feature of remibing the user who held the ticket that they left it on hold too to help prevent forgetting it.

thanks u very much for ur reply JTRTech i know u can hold on the ticket . but it s possible 2 tables or in table 1 add more ticket then print in 1 ticket ? .

Yes… That’s the whole point, otherwise why bother holding…

yes that s right when holding ticket u can not add the ticket it s not active. it s possible after u hold the ticket active add ticket ?