How can make pay out

how can make pay out

Are you talking about a sale refund or supplier payment?

i need cancel order supplier payment , tips for diriver

On a similar note, i am curious how does everyone else deal with delivery charges.
For example. Order total 28 + 7 $ delivery
Grand total: 35. Now the sale is 35 but i have to pay driver 9$ (third party driver). How would you deduct the amount from sale. I think thats also what forbes is asking.

@mxood there are ways to implement it. Here is a sample implementation.

Basically you’ll create an account and entity type for drivers. Add a calculation when a driver is selected and update driver accounts. At the end of the day you can review driver account and make payments by clicking Driver Payments button on Accounts screen. (112.9 KB)

This zip file contains both a SDF file and an export file to import required configuration with database tools module.

When you use export file you’ll need two simple steps to complete configuration.

  1. Edit related ticket type (for example Delivery Ticket), switch to Entity Type List page and add Drivers entity type to the list.
  2. Edit Accounts > Account Screens > General and add Driver Accounts to the Account Types list. Also enable Display Details setting.

###Creating Entities

Create Accounts for Drivers.

The account type should be Driver Accounts

Create Entities for Drivers and assign Accounts.

Create all entities.

Edit Driver Search entity screen and add new created Drivers to the list.

Check if Entity Screen Mapping is correct.

You should be able to see Drivers under Driver Search screen.

Edit Automation > Actions > Add Driver Payment action and update Servicing Fee Amount


Create a new ticket and select a driver.

Choosing a driver should add Driver Payment to the ticket.

Settle this ticket with Cash and switch to Accounts screen to see how it displays.

We’ve sold 10.99, Settled 17.99 and we should pay 7 to Driver Jack.

Create few more tickets for other Drivers.

I have to pay 14 to Jack, 14 to James and 7 to Paul.

Click Driver Payments button for payout.

I can see how much I should pay for each Driver. If needed update Amounts and click Create button.

I’ve made 61.91 sales. Paid 35 from Cash for Drivers and 16.72 cash remains. If you sum cash and credit card balances you’ll find sales amount.

You can enable Display as Tree setting for account screen for better presentation.


hi emre
i want to add pay out button ,when push that button pay out amount and note for reason ( deliver tip, cancel order, buy something cash register or other store)
and u can see that close day report

Ok sorry for hijacking and bringing this topic back up but just few additional questions, my delivery charge and driver payment is always different. We charge customers 3.5$ and pay the driver 5$, and so forth.

So i can use the service charge which is great but i was wondering if i can make it ask at the time of selection of how much to charge. Also is there a way that the ticket could be tagged a certain number for example 5$ for payment to the driver and keep adding this number until end of period. Also it doesn’t have to change the sale total but we should be able to add it at the of the day so we can minus it from the total.

@forbesgyro I guess what you are asking for described here.

@mxood I understand you charge 3.5 but pay 5 to drivers but sorry I couldn’t fully understand what you need. What do you want SambaPOS to ask for? Can you elaborate?

Tahanks emre its work

ok im not near my shop for next few days, so i wont have time to test much. but i want to explain my whole situation thoroughly. the tutorial you gave is impressive but sadly i do not have any drivers hired, i use a third party to supply drivers on demand. and i pay them right after they deliver, so i have created a entity field called “Delivery Charge”, which has the charge recorded for each entity, so can i have ask the cashier (using your new function Ask Question) if its delivery then automatically charge the amount thats in the field unless its null, if its null then ask the amount.

*sry emre i was with my partner on a bussiness trip and didnt realize he was logged in