How can see all busy tables and payment on screen same time

How can see all busy table with payment on screen same time. Like this.

Thanks fore helpe me plesse.

What version are you using?

For V3 there is no support here you need to go

Most people here havent even used V3 and are working on V4 and V5

For V4 i dont think that can be done, i think the resources we need to do this were implemented in V5

For V5, yes this is possible by creating a custom table screen or editing the default screen. You can add customer name, balance etc to the button and there are also more formatting options for those buttons

For V5 this is the tutorial you need to read, it shows you exactly how to do what your asking, hope this helps :slight_smile:
Changing Table Button Captions

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I have SambaPos 4.1.82
Thanks for help me.

Sorry but that does not look like v4.1.82 in your screenshot, I would say its V3 but looks like its be customized to me or is that photoshopped? or is it a screenshot you found of someone elses?
V3 was open source and some people recoded parts.

If it is someone elses picture - that screenshot is not open tables and payment screen anyway. It look more like a ticket list (left) and menu with keyboard (right). Payment screen is completely different.
Like this just I dont have keyboard/numberpad on this menu;

Yes i have Sambapos v4.1.82 . But this pictures is othere v3 i think so.
Can i do this on SambaPos v4.1.82.

My screenshot is v5 but sure you could have ticket list on v4… dont quote me on it…

This sreen shot is real and work proprly i have work on this computor.
Any way thanks. How can print customer bill with uot details on SambaPos v4.1.82 . Plese

What details, please be more specific with your questions…

You cant add any detail such as customer or balance on the tables buttons in V4 you will need to upgrade to V5 if you wish to do this

How are you Friends
How i can do print bill with out detail foods just customers bill how many gust commed in restaurant and price . Bill print and ticket close price not go in sales account. Plese help me.

Not saying it is but sounds like a tax avoidance scheme… you might not get much advice on that without explaining reasoning as is not something for which support is offered and might have to work out for yourself.

Either way once a ticket has been closed (unpaid or otherwise to entity etc) it sets saved to database and would only not be included in sales if voided or similar which still remains in database but as a voided sale or whatever is configured. There is no action to ‘delete’ a ticket completely once submitted to database. Only thing similar is clear database transactions which clears everything which is for resetting after building/testing and before going live.

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Thank you but some coustomer demande whant facture with out detaile.

Sorry not following.
If you just want a ticket without a breakdown just take out the {ORDERS} tag on the template and will not show breakdown just title and total etc.
In same way [ORDERS:Void] has no order line tags meaning no void items are printed.
I was refering to the [quote=“khan, post:10, topic:10069”]
price not go in sales account

Thank you .i try my best to do this.