How do I Delete Custom Reports?

I’ve manually created four custom reports for hours based on the time clock. How do I delete or edit these reports?

Go to manage and then Select the reports tab, any reports should be listed there and you can edit or delete them

I wasn’t clear in my question. I’m curious how you change the contents of the report? The issue I’m having is that I want to delete the reports themselves and the information in them. If I were to go to Edit the reports, it would only alter the code and not the contents of the report itself. How would I go about removing the contents of the report rather than deleting the report itself?

The reports do not store any information. There are no stored reports. It derives the information from the database and it does calculations etc to generate reports. They are generated on the fly and not stored.

If you dont want that information to be reported on then you should uninstall SambaPOS and use pen and paper so you can throw the paper away if you need to.

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Let’s see if third time’s the charm when I explain my problem. I want to know how to delete the time clock data of each employee. How do I go about doing that?

Timeclock data is stored in the Database in the table called [EntityStateLogs].

Use SSMS to run a query that empties that table.

DELETE FROM [EntityStateLogs]

This action is not reversible unless you restore a DB backup.

So, basically, delete and input all the information again is what I’m understanding from all of this.

Why do you need to delete it?

You could install the Punch Editor and edit the data instead…

I’m using a trial version to become more familiar with v5(I used v4 to test a lot of stuff before using trial v5). An issue I saw with using the Time Clock was that when there isn’t already a previous Time In and Time Out, it stays blank when that person wants to Clock In.

Yes, it may be the case that the Timeclock Reports will be empty until there is at least 1 Clock In and 1 Clock Out.

It needs a starting point, which is the initial Clock In. It logs that State. Then when the Clock Out occurs, it logs that State. Once that is done, it can compute the duration between State changes.

It may also depend on which Timeclock Tutorial you use, and how the Reports are derived - that is, whether the Reports are using Report Tags or SQL.

I have them going through Samba’s built-in Reports.