How separate Mulitiple Terminal

I have one main Server and 5 outlet i used cloud service
i create Pos1 2 3 4 5 for outlet
the problem is All Pos are Link togther with other outlet
Example POS1 sell 1 ticket - Ticket no 1 and Other POS2 sell Ticket no will become 2
i just want to Separated all other Terminal and server will see only what is happen on outlet
I want ticket will be spearate and i want to Mapped Warehouse With same POS

Do you mean outlets as different locations? If so this method goes against SambaPOS licence terms of one licence per site/outlet.
In theory you would need to define seperate ticket types and menus etc for each terminal as well as heivily customise your reports.
But you need to check licence compliance first.


oh ok 2morrow i will add SambaPOS licence
yes my outlets is different location.
right now if 1 outlet is sell product that reduce warehouse inventory
i crated separate warehouse and transfer product from main warehouse to outlet warehouse. when outlet sell it reduce on main warehouse item

Brother I already Activated sambapos
What i need to do Separated Warehouse For Terminal configuration
u know i have 5 outlet i will show

also i have 5 warehouse

How Can i Mapped when it sell need to be reduce inventory mapped

@QMcKay Thz u r Advice
but our shop different process
Warehouse is different But All Product are same
Warehouse will be different location
Same Menu Need to be used every outlet Warehouse

You can easily adapt that Tutorial to do what you want using this setting:


That ^ will give you the Name of the Terminal that is being used.

You will still use the Order Added to Ticket Rule. containing an Update Order Action to set the Warehouse parameter based on the Terminal Name.

Show your desired TerminalName > Warehouse mapping that you want to achieve, for example:

Terminal 1 > Warehouse A
Terminal 2 > Warehouse B
Terminal 3 > Warehouse C
Terminal N > Warehouse X

I so sorry Brother u mean like this

In Terminal this is example

in add rule

Not familiar with inventory but pretty sure that isn’t going to work.

Make a “mapping chart” like I showed above so we can see which Terminal consumes from which Warehouse.

Something like this:

POS1 uses Park Royal
POS2 uses Myanmar Plaza
POS3 uses Hiedan Center
POS4 uses Junction Square
POS5 uses Dragon Center 2
Server uses Local Warehouse

Then I can show you how to make it work with 1 Action and 1 Rule.

yes like that
1 terminal 1 warehose like that can u show me how to do