How show Time Ticket on entity screen (tables)

I need show how much time is used in tables like “table 1:34Minutes”, but idealy show in tables entity. I know can make a entity like “kitchen display” but need some more easy because only need time on active tables. Can this posible? or how make this easy.

You would use the entity state display format on the entity screen if your using entity grid, if using tasks would need to check as not up to date of those.
You would then use a report expression to get time and it is for state duration. So you would do say state duration of status of say unpaid which is state after ticket close. This however would reset if ticket is opened and any new order added

tank but unknow how make this, you have a pic of this, I only need make this:

Thats entity state display format.
You need to set entity screen to use state format then you define the display format for the entity states.
The orange you show if most likely ‘Unpaid’ entity state

Look here …

Use either of these depending on your need:



OK this work tanks. aditional you know how make a diferent color depend on time, like yellow if have 60 minuts, red if have 120 minutos or same?

i try this. Change Table color according ticket time status tanks

That tutorial shows you, so you solved or asking?

yes is solving, is just to record is done. tanks.