How to add a print button to Entity Screen

Hello, so we have added a screen for our waitresses to see their orders on. It is just a copy of the Kitchen Display with the buttons removed so wait staff can’t mark an order as complete, only the kitchen. Question. It would be nice if we could add a button to this screen that prints a bill for the customer. That way when a waitress is getting desert together, they can also print a bill from the screen (which is next to the desert station) and give it to the customer or have it ready, eliminating extra trips to the terminal to print bills. So maybe the flow could be something like this. Waitress presses button -> Dialog box pops up and say’s “Enter Table Number” -> Waitress enters table number and presses OK and bill prints for that table. Or maybe they could select the order on the screen, hit print bill, and the bill prints for the ticket that order is attached to. Not sure how to complete this, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I also looking to add “Display Invoice” button.